March 3rd, 2006


Birthday announcement before i go to Zero Period

Posting it now, don't know when i'm going to be back online this weekend.

Happy Birthday Shadi!!! *boom boom surprise bang key*

You got to wonder how old some of these guys are and if they even remember their birthday...then again do we really want to know how old they are at all (it can really kill the image at times)
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Newbie... sorta.

I've been lurking for, like, ever. And so today my brain went, "GO JOIN OR I'LL SLAY YOU!"
I adore the orginal YGO and all the shounen-ai that it implies. I also adore pretty much any shipping that isn't het.
Also, I don't really like GX all that much. I watch it, but I constantly whine, "I miss Marik!" "Where's the Jou? This isn't funny without Jou." etc.
So, er, yeah. Chazz it up.
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(no subject)

Okay, I'm sorry if this is funny to me only because of my reluctance to catch up on sleep, but I came across this generator. Now, first I just played around with random words, and then I started putting in some character names, which didn't always work out. So then I put in Pharaoh.
It's interesting what came out. Some didn't make much sense at all, but other's were "WTF?!"
It doesn't have any codes, so I just posted the link up there in case anyone wanted to try the "Pharaoh" thing out themselves. You might have to click it few times, but a good one should come up eventually. If you're very behind on sleep, rather soon.
azureshipping - back to back


I can't have been the only one to notice this, but despite all the hoo-hah that YGO was supposedly coming back with new episodes on 3/4, it doesn't look that way. Same goes for 3/11. o_o; What the heck's going on here!? I think we should all email KidsWb and demand to know what the fuzz is going on. Besides, they haven't even updated their website-- they've still got Waking the Dragons stuff on there! (They're even showing repeats of Johnny Test, which is taking up YGO's block. WTF!?)
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