February 28th, 2006

critters ~ <3

May the gods help me .. XD

So ..

Being new to the fandom in general, I have just the one question (for now):

What in earth and hell are the shipping code(s) around here? Because I keep tripping in them, and every time I think I have them nailed down another one pops up .. and not all of them are as obvious as, say, Puzzleshipping XD
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Introducing a Birthday!

For 2-3 years now, i've had my favorite anime character's birthdays on my calender and so since no one mentioned it i will since i barely post anyway.

Happy Birthday Ryuugi Otogi! *conffetti bang bang whoo party favors OMG FlYING DICE shiny*

i would have a picture but...i don't. But you guys are free to it.

Good night ^^
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