February 26th, 2006

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[20_inkspots] Bakura Ryou x Malik Ishtar x Yami no Bakura; "Shade".

Many apologies if this shows up several times on your flists; halfthewords and I crossposted like there was no tomorrow. D8 *hit*

Title: Shade
Pairing: Ryou Bakura x Malik Ishtar x Yami no Bakura
Artist: flyingpinkbunny
Author: heart_of_chaos
Rating: Light R
Summary: Yami no Bakura had been a manipulative ally, and this only aroused Malik’s suspicions further: he still remembered the thief’s pale hands sliding across his chest, hungry lips against his neck, and harsh whispers of promised power.

( Will you always be this cold-blooded? )
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[ETA] Apparently stuff happens at the end of the series, which I haven't seen. XD All's good in my world again.

I was thinking about Kaiba and his need to prove himself against Yuugi, and I recalled that duel they had during Duelist Kingdom where Yuugi had to wrest control from the other Yuugi. Was Kaiba really satisfied with his win? Or does he know that the win really didn't count and that's why he's so dog-gone determined to defeat Yuugi in a real match?

And then I thought: Joey is always second best, never the first. (Right? Has he ever been number one?) He's got determination too, and guts for constantly trying again and again.

So Yuugi, to my recollection, has only lost twice --once to Kaiba against the Pharaoh's wishes in Duelist Kingdom, and once again to Rebecca out of respect for her feelings. Is that all? (And the Pharaoh has never lost a game --it's always been Yuugi. Correct me if I'm wrong about canon!) Has he truly never lost a game?

Am I the only one who finds that frustrating? Yes, he's the main character, but a genuine loss or two won't hurt, and might be really interesting fodder for character development.

I find it amusing that I'm dying for him to just lose a duel for once. Heh.
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And so the journy continues?

I return.

Turns out I, mab, after.. working out on my mad skillz or something that day with Jelly-Chan and the Yuugi Zoo...

GOT INTO ART SCHOOL!!1 With art in my brain and 1853209 pounds of spazzy-crack I ran into fellow students who knew of DUEL STANDBY!, the Yuu-Gi-Oh site that umeko_pyon and I run together.
What happened later on? After making fun of Kaiba and creating him a mother? Then hearing the song Toxic?

An art student AMV of course. Dedicated to Kaiba, with special appearances by Malik, Bakura and Yuugi, all drawn by the students themselves and produced in flash...

WARNING! This is a very cracky video!

Kaiba: TOXIC-Britany Spears
---video here---->MA! You gotta let me BE WHO I AM! omghappyKaibwtf

lol i go 2 art skool so i dun hav 2 lern big wurdz

P.M.S. There are art history references through-out this AMV... yeah... art students xD; See if you can catch them.
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