February 24th, 2006

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I'm posting this here because I have no idea where else to post it and I'm so inordinately pleased with myself for actually pulling this off I have to flaunt it.

See, as of the past little while, modding the Sims 2 has become a bit of a hobby. Mainly because I am an obsessed geek who wants to have really nice YGO skins. Last night, I figured out how to put tattoos on a skin tone for exceptionally dorky fanfic related reasons that I will not get into here and wondered if I was ambitious enough to try to do a skintone with Malik's scars. I attempted it:
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Pink = Power -- da_pharaoh_yami

Blinding irresistable need

=D As the rules stated, it is okay to advertise for a community if I had the "blinding irresistable need".  And I do. XD  So!  A new YGO PR has opened up just yesterday, and it needs some characters.  No, I'm not the mod: I'm just trying to get some people so we can start having fun. XD  It's called


=D It's post-series!  It has tons of chracters left, even popular ones like Yuugi and Mai and Bakura and all of them.  So take a look and apply!

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