February 20th, 2006

*iz a geniuz*

for those who are into the Sims 2

Because a few people have asked where I got the skins from since I posed my YGO Sims 2 crack screencaps, I have decided to make just one huge informational post as opposed to telling everyone separately. So, a complete rundown of where to find nice bits and pieces to make your very own YGO Sims. With all apologies made to those who don't give a damn.
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[Sex Puppy] -=- [Made by aki_hana; DO NO

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Do you guys remember that handgame, "Mars?"

It went:

"On the planet Mars
Where the babies smoke cigars
And the men wear bikinis
And the women drink martinis
Every sip they take
Is enough to kill a snake
When the snake is dead
They put mustard on its head
When the mustard dries
They put diamonds in its eyes
When the diamonds break
It's 1948."

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Looking For Something

I doubt there will be a problem but just in case this could be deleted.

Does anyone know where to find some good Thief King icons? Preferably with Kuru Eruna reference. I don't have a Yuugiou icon and I really would like to find a good one. The community I used to get my icons from, ygo_icons, is dead. (<--The dead link slash out thingy.)

So could you guys lend me a hand or point out a community? I'd love you forever.
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dream sort of thing, yeah.

dudes, i just got back from Katsucon, and man all i can say is woah. first con, amazing con.
anyway i'm here to tell you about what the lack of sleep and the overload of anime did to me. i cosplayed as Ban Midou and thusly had a very spiky wig. and when i woke up the next afternoon morning i thought i had Yugi's hair. my head was in this weird position on the pillow and i thought to my self "OH NO! its gonna be all flat!" so i jumped up and saw my regular hair in the mirror and started freaking out like "AHHH! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?! A PONYTAIL? WHERE ARE THE REST OF MY COLOURS? IN FACT, I DONT EVER REMEMBER HAVING ANY BROWN HAIR AT ALL! DID BAKRUA CUT MY HAIR WHILE I WAS ASLEEP? DID HE DYE IT TOO? OH MY GO-" then my mom woke up and told me to shut the hell up cause i was being loud. thats when i remembered that i'm not yugi...
anyway, props to those guys dressed as the AE cast, really nice job on your costumes. i think the one who was jounochi reads here.
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I had so many people offer their advice and suggestions that I thought it better to just bring up one post to thank everyone when it came to my question on making screen caps.

I have found something I am comfortable working with have already gotten started.

Once again, I thank you! ^_^
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Stargate, weekend and more gradeschool-crack

Yo! I come bearing crack. Got bored on weekend and browsed through my large collection of video files and... I found out Bakura somehow managed to infiltrate Stargate:Atlantis.

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By the way: the YuGiOh! crazy gradeschoolers once again managed to get me today. We've started a new theme, "Fairytales."

Teacher: So, kids, what Fairytales do you know already?

Kids: Snowhite, Cinderella... (a few others of the Brothers Grimm ones)

littleKnowItAllBoy: Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, YuGiOh!

Teacher: uhm... ... are you sure those are fairytales?

Boy: YES of course! There's magic and elves and dragons and ghosts and things that just don't happen and they have a good ending!

teh rena: *silently dies in the corner*

Well I suppose one *could* make a good fairytale out of YuGiOh.

Once upon a time there lived a great king in a country far, far away. He was a good king and the folk loved him. He had the most amazing crimson eyes and his hair was *insert blatant gibberish here* and he was deeply in love with his betrothed princess Seto Yuugi some blatant girl that hopefully won't play any part in the story later. But his evil stepmother priest wanted power for himself and thus decided to get rid of the king... XD

And on a side note: I was watching Avatar with my baby-cousin on Saturday. You know, German!Dub Zuko has Yamis voice?

So in this episode he was fighting Aang and I was sitting on the sofa going all Yami you idiot! Play a trap card already!!!

OMGnoes! The King of scary facescars was defeated in the end! Aang totally pwned him. I'm contemplaiting wheter Aang's actually Seto or his lackey or something like that. It keeps me highly amused.

... Am I imagining things or is this comm rubbing off a bit too much?
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Wool Coats

Okay, Thief King stole his sexy wool Moses coat in the anime.

Is there any evidence of where he got it in the manga? Was it the Pharaoh's in the manga or was this just left unexplained?
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