February 11th, 2006

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Somewhat of a lurker, first time poster! :D

I've been wondering a few things. I've been a huge fan of YGO since it first aired, and am now a proud owner of the entire series, (in raw, subbed), but haven't gotten to *all* the A.E eps, but this is some information I've been wondering about even before knowing about the A.E eps.

We all know Kura Eruna was Bakura's village. I've heard a ton of fan names for him.. ranging from "Akefa/Akeifa to Touzoku-oh". Is this ever confirmed in either manga or anime that this is what his actual name is or is it all just fanon? because in the few A.E eps I have seen, I don't hear anyone call him anything except for "Bakura". I guess it could confuse a lot of people especially if they're writing fic... if it has Yami no Bakura/Ryou in it to just call the actual thief himself something like "Touzoku".

Just curious, thanks! ^_^

Also, even in the few episodes I've seen, has anybody noticed the clear as day hints for Mana/Mahaado? they're so adorable ^__^

Questions and an icon ALBUM!?

Okay since I've been whoring up the place with icons, I decided to just make an icon album so you can see all the icons I've made so far.

Click here! It's at my LJ!

*points* Hey look! I'm changing the subject!

I've just barely discovered YouTube and now I've been addicted to it cuz of the Yu-Gi-Oh episodes. But I've had trouble looking for the season 0 (A Shadow Game) episodes. Does YouTube even have episodes for this season? If so, can anyone give a link? I'm specifically looking for the very first episode and the last episodes w/ Bakura.
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