February 9th, 2006

I am grey.

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Got a question for you.

Is 'step-father' really the best term for that ugly mofo!1! Gozaburo? Because I've stopped calling him that and Noa a step-brother. A step-parent is one who marries your biological parent, correct? Like Goz would've had to have married his mother in order for 'step' to work. I just call him Seto's adoptive father, since...well, that's what he is.

What do y'all think?
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When I was young...

Inspired by this post, I thought I'd share a little story of my own.

Now, up to a year ago, I was living with my aunt and uncle in Portland. It was there that I, at the tender age of 18, discovered not only anime, but also its subcultures of yaoi, shonen-ai, etc. It started with watching a few episodes of various animes with my cousin (Cait), who was at the time 13.

She had been a frequent reader of ff.net for sometime and was well aware of yaoi and the like. I, however, was not. So it came as quite a surprise when one of my other cousin (Conner) tumbled down the stairs, glanced up at the projector screen (for my uncle had rigged up a projector/home theater system... beats buying a big screen tv) and scowled.

"Caitlyn! Why are you watching this again?" he bemoaned.

"Because Naruto and Susuke are so cute together! Look! It's canon!" Cait responded.

My responce: "Caitlyn! What are you talking about?!" Having grown up in a rather conservative town before this time, I was completely affronted.

Then, Caitlyn and Conner (who, I'd like to mention, was 7 at the time) go into a discussion over which pairings in Naruto are more canon, while I sat there and stared.

Eventually, Caitlyn gets up in a huffy, pulls me up and we go upstairs to the computer room where she promptly begins to show me the wonders of yaoi and shonen-ai on ff.net. Of course, being as *cough* mature *cough* as she was, she directed me to good fics, knowing what was decent and what wasn't.

But here's the clincher: Before she sits me down and gets me reading into a really involved yaoi fic, she directs me to a certain section. That section being our beloved Yuugiou. She pulls up one of the fluffiest Yami no Yuugi x Yuugi fics I remember ever reading and tells me that this section would be a good place to start.

No wonder they call YGO the yaoi breeding grounds.

And that's how I, at the tender age of 18, got into not only anime fandoms, but yaoi as well.

Oh, and did I mention that months down the road, Caitlyn also introduced me to the amazing, and beautiful shonen-ai anime series that is called Loveless. The funniest part of it all, is that my uncle downloads it all for her. :|
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Of playgrounds and puppies...

I'm currently doing my practical (educational project XD) at an elementary school for the U.

All's been well so far, I've been assigned to a lovely bunch of second-graders and the class behaves very well. They're utterly cuuute. ♥ ^^ But that's not the point. (even though it is rather amusing to look at their various YGO-stuff - pullovers, pencil pouches, etc. ... I'm not jealous. Really. damn I wish I was a kid again XD)

Today, I had monitoring attendance on the playground. I'm thinking nothing evil, looking around for the occassional fight or rumble to errupt, when I walk past a group of my kids. Three girls, to be precise, aged around 9-10. And coincidentally, I overheard them.

Girl1: And I tell you, Yami is so neat!
Girl2: Yes! But Seto is much better. Even if he doesn't have a girlfriend.
Girl3: ... But. Everyone knows he's in love with Joey!
Me: ... ... !!! *blinks* - as do the other girls.
Girl2: NO way. Joey is a guy. (and that is pronounced with ALL the firm belief of a little kid.)
Girl3: Yes. But mum always says if two people call each other names they must really like each other! She says "The quarrel of lovers is the renewal of love!"(*An1*) (kid starts to pout)
Girl2: ... Well... I guess that makes sense... have they kissed each other yet? (and with that tiny childish voice it sounded even better than standing written here)

At that point of the conversation I had to stagger away, trying hard not to burst into laughter and make a complete fool of myself. I think I died a little bit inside.

See, I think I just found Germay's youngest puppyshipping-fangirl(s)!

And it can't have been my evil influence. I've been at that school only since monday. And I haven't lost a single word about YGO. Mwahahaha. *sends YGOvibes*

(*An1*) the actual phrase was a german proverb 'Was sich liebt, das neckt sich'. It's got the same meaning as the english one I used above.
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Take it off

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We know Kaiba's a busy guy, but somehow, I don't think he's quite busy enough.

You see, because not only is he Bond, but he's also now Bruce Wayne, apparently.

I'll also let you know when and if I confirm my suspicions that in addition to this he's moonlighting as Zorro.

The Stealing of Puberty


Okay a couple of posts back someone was talking about Yami's voice going deeper and a bit huskier and Yuugi's voice going higher. Well I'm soon to have a recording of present Yami and First episode Yami but man, just listening to him and Yuugi their voices have changed and thus I have created a theory.

When Yami arrived Yuugi was finishing up puberty, his voice hadn't completely hit the low belts yet, and so over the time that Yami has been sharing a body with Yuugi, he has been stealing his puberty. So Yuugi's voice goes up while Yami's goes deeper with all the puberty he's stealing.

Damn puberty stealing Pharaoh. Get your own darn puberty. Maybe he's just trying to catch up with Kaiba and Bakura with manliness by trying to steal more puberty....hmmmmmmmm.
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Zork eats tv commercial actors?

Okay, here’s what happened. I’m hanging out at my friend’s house watching tv with this older brother and we start ranting about how annoying commercials are. My friend said that they should make a button that you push that kills the people in the ad (I know, there’s something wrong with us) and his old brother said “A giant penis should just eat them!” and I yelled out “Zork!” :D

I didn’t really bother to tell them what Zork is, I’ve broken enough brains in the past. So how about it? Anyone want a tv remote that can make Zork eat bad actors? Does Raven need saner friends?