February 8th, 2006

Math class

We had a sub today in math and we were writing poems, so at the end of class when everyone was reading their's, I wrote a...
Fearshipping poem! Yes, Fearshipping ^__^ and I put it so Yami no Malik was watching Isis in a creepy stalker kinda way :\ But anyway, I think I'll be posting it in my journal.

And then an idea hit me. I've been reading "Howl's Moving Castle" and some of the characters perfectly fit.
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I think I may be thanking people or being murdered...

I am either going to thank someone, or people are going to kill me. Thank you to the one that posted those two albums of the Eric Stuart Band. (Scary-ness: My mom actually LIKED one of his songs!) Other than that, I had some of his songs give me the urge to make AMVs again. And I've only so far used one anime (You can guess which one) for my AMVs (Though I'm about to get braver and branch out to some others). I'll share if I can get a moment to do it.
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20 Yugioh GX icons

Yes, Yugioh GX icons. I've fallen in love with that show. So much crack in it, even more than in Yugioh. <3 <3

The icons are over at my GreatestJournal here, but it allows anonymous comments, so you can comment even if you don't have an account. :o

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Question about Shizuka's blindness

Has there ever been in canon (or even widely accepted fanon) a more detailed explanation of Shizuka's vision loss? Like a diagnosis or anything like that? The most specific I could find was just that she's had vision problems since she was born and was expected to be completely blind soon after Duelist Kingdom if she hadn't had the operation.

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