February 7th, 2006

*iz a geniuz*

Yes, even more Sim-related crack

I feel like I'm bandwagon hopping here with the Sims 2 crack, but one of these links is from a couple weeks ago. So really, I'm just bandwagon hopping on the posting the crack here (which I don't know why I didn't do earlier ^^)

You see, first I tossed up some random crack-y screencaps I made with my half-assed Yugi and Kaiba sims (which some of you may have already seen since I threw it into the comments of one of the other Sims posts) Shortly after that I realized that since the Nightlife expansion had vampires in it, I could have far too much fun with it. And the idea for the grate ahem....great sim!vampire!badfic was born.

I did manage to make a ton of caps. But due to work, and me getting an awful cold and general laziness I never did get around to making an actual story out of them and probably never will. And so, instead, I post the highlights.

(live in fear and follow the fake cut)

I'm going to hell, aren't I?
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New Here

Although I've been lurking about via various friends' friends pages ^^;

So, yeah, I'm Katsuko and I just thought I'd join up for the hell of it.


Show of hands, how many people think that Mazaki Anzu needs to drop-kick Téa Gardner off the roof of Domino High School? *raises own hand*
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Szayel was here

Simino City?

Well, here's another installment of my whacked out Sims. Thanks to immicolia and sennet, I've got Yuugi and Atemu skins that work good enough for me. *sage nod* I might start up another neighborhood of just YGO guys... but I'm having too much fun with this. XDD

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I think I started a new trend on here. Oopse. XDDD
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So, I finally gave in and attempted drawing a human form for Zork again. I had made previous attempts but I just wasn't satisfied. Finally, I have reached that point!

And now, I present you with the stupidly shrunk photobucketisdumblikethat version of Zork as a human! -cackles-


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the disappearing YGO


Time for the New Zealand YGO Update. Now, you might not care, but you have to agree this is an outrage.


They were playing Doma over the summer while regular programming was on vacation. On Friday, Yami and Seto were having a few issues duelling Dartz and about to save the world.

Monday... Public holiday. Mary Poppins is playing.

Here we are on Tuesday and... YUUGIOH IS GONE! They took it off again! Spongebob is airing as I rant! WHY GOD? I mean, seriously. Could they have at least aired the last few episodes of the season? Those... bitches.

I guess we're just going to have to assume that Seto got pissed off at Yami like STOP TAKLING 2 URSELF N00B, blasted the knight with Yugi's head on it, and the world was consumed by the great Leviathan resulting in the end of the series because of course, it's hard to have a series when the eponymous character has had their soul devoured. And Dartz did a victory dance in a sequined ballgown, proving he was in fact a woman all along.