February 6th, 2006


Kaiba Anzu should never never be allowed to cook...

Because i was on The Sims: Bustin Out on free play mode and i made a sweet little house and put Seto and Anzu in it to start another little branch of the Kaiba family (Azureshipping all the way!!) but whenever Anzu went to do anything involving the stove, she inevitably set herself on fire and the third time she did it she died. So now she's just an urn of ashes in the middle of the kitchen floor that Seto sits beside and cries and won't clean up the goddamn mess when i tell him to!!!

But it was pretty horrific...she burned for about seven minutes and screamed and screamed and screamed....
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Dear anime!Kaiba,

My apathy towards you is grinding on annoyance. I know you have to remain static in order to be Yami no Yuugi’s foil in the stupid fillers and, for some reason, your character-growth arc had to be extended to AE in anime canon when you were done by Battle City in manga canon. I don’t know why. At any rate, I’m really beginning to loathe you.

No love,

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Ed is Seeking Mental Help

GX today.
It killed me.

Alright, so the second I saw Syrus with his yellow float-a-ma-bober, I KNEW it was going to be that episode where Jaden takes his towel. (I looked it up on JAnime =3)

My fan girl heart did a flip flop.

Then, though, a few seconds passed, and there was NO TOWEL TAKING SCENE.

I immediately started screaming and pounding on my couch. Of course, Fluffoluffogus (thee evil kitty) was staring at me with this sort of facce: ^0.0^


When Jaden got pulled down into the water, I choked on my birdie. Scary ;~;.
So that's what Kaiba wishes he'd look like.

I hear his plastic surgeory and purchasing of hair extensions are coming along quite well.


At the end, I was sitting in the computer room (I didn't feel like watching the second half of it) and all of a sudden I hear:


O_o;. XD

Nilla also informs me that Jaden was moaning at Syrus in the beginning.

Her mom also said this:
"God damn...is that blue haired boy gay?"
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Now it's my time to share a dream. ^^

We had Matrix:Reloaded airing on Saturday. I slept through half of the movie, don't really know what happened, but last night that damn thing came back to haunt me.

So. Kaiba + Matrix = One hell of a nightmare.

It all started out with Kaiba somewhat filling in as substitute Neo, swallowing the pill and waking up surrounded by machines. First thing he said: 'I knew there were only holograms. Take that, Yuugi!' (that bastard).
Then he went on being all superior on Yuugi for another few seconds until he found his hair was missing - due to the plugs and other thingies the machines used on humans. That made him sneer angrily. ^^

After that I'm missing a part because my strange mind doesn't want me to remember clearly. But there was one point where everyone of the rebels was wearing those elite black coats, only Kaibas' was pure white and he was bitching complaining that he didn't get the memo. (he looked way sexier than the others, though ^^)

And then poor Kaiba had to fight off the evil twins and about two dozen of Mr. Smiths. They all tried to dog-pile on him... and he countered with a Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon attack(? that the correct English term?). Baddies go bye-bye... and Kaiba only stood there, looking smug and gloated. XD

I thankfully woke up after that. It was *scary*. My poor brain. YGO and Matrix really don't go together. What do you think?
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I have seen what was done to Zork and his almighty dragon penis... it is now poking from his chest! The dragon has a fat neck though...

I saw this at the Kids'WB website on their "VOte for you favorite YGO Monster!" poll.
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Yet Another Way Wiki is God

Seriously. Wikipedia is god. And Google, else I may never have realized this. Anywho.

To those who've played Falsebound Kingdom, you know how to tell the difference between the three Blue-Eyes White Dragons is by giving them names? I don't know if it's in anything other than FK, but there's that, and it got me wondering one day, so I decided to be bored and flit across Wiki. I was disappointed to only find one having a name related to much of anything.

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I just thought it was really, really awesome, but then, I find small things amusing. XD
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LONG AGO, WHEN THE EARTH WAS YOUNG... IN JUNE 2003, umeko_pyon and bjeezus were walking to the cursed cafe in their town because they wanted to piss them off by asking for plastic spoons and then announcing that they were going to the pizza parlor across the street instead.

They totally deserved it, I swear. They were such jerks.


Absolutely nothing.

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