February 5th, 2006

Kaiba vs. Wheeler

This is what happened when I, Kaiba tried to steal the wedding ring from Wheeler. Just after he asked for her hand in marriage. Although the film is funny because we look short and fat but otherwise it's OK. Remember though it's just a piece of what happened.


Unfortunately, though Wheeler's dumb luck helped him with the first assault with the briefcase. But only the first..
And you have to click the play button so it loads. Oh, and this is Acen 2005. And thanks to our Yami Yugi for taking this.
hales made it


Thanks to all of the people who helped me for one.
For two, my little airhead and I were contemplating about strange and unusual parings. I told her this might be the place for answers so here is our question.
Is there a PegasusxDartz shipping? If so what is it called? ^^ We just found it too amusing not to ask.
Warning, next time I may bring a little fan art with me!
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Szayel was here

Yuugiou is just so Sim-2-ulating. :P

Well, I've had the Sims 2 on my computer for awhile, along with skins of Ryou and Bakura, and Shizuka and Anzu made by Lunar Eclipse on Mod the Sims 2. I recently started a new house with Shizuka, and who to my surprise showed up but my Ryou Sim I had set up previously. O_O And they started talking and hitting it off right away; they were friends by the time Ryou left the house. So I was just like... "Hmmm... *ponderponder*", and started taking screenshots. XD

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I'll get more pictures my next play sessions if people are interested.

EDIT: I appologize for the quality of the pictures. o.< I'll make them better next time.
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