February 4th, 2006

azureshipping - back to back

Yuugi is Superman.

I don't know why I didn't see it sooner.
But I've been watching Lois and Clark lately, and it occurs to me that Yu-Gi-Oh takes the great Superman story and character archetypes and runs with them.

The hero with a loving family, albeit not his direct birth parents, comes from a tender, loving household. Then one day, he discovers he is very different from everyone else.

* Clark Kent is the persona created by Martha and Jonathan Kent for the little boy they found in a spaceship abandoned in a field near their home in Smallville, Kansas. They raised him as their own, hardly aware that the boy --though a human, for all intents and purposes-- possessed super powers thanks to the light of the yellow sun.

* Yuugi Mutou is a young boy living with his grandfather (and his mother; his father is said to be alive, but he's constantly "away on business." In any case, it's Sugoroku who does most of the raising, and has had the most influence on Yuugi's life). He doesn't make himself too well known and out there; he seems to know that he's different somehow, what with his love of games. Then, one day, he manages to solve the elusive Millennium Puzzle, and he unlocks another side to himself...

At first, he has to conceal his other self. He doesn't know whether it will harm others or help them, so he disguises it at every opportunity. Eventually, he grows into his "other self", but it still causes problems for him.

* Clark adopts the Superman persona only after he arrives in Metropolis. Lois Lane is actually the one that names him. He starts to help people, stop crime, etc., but he keeps his "other identity" a secret. Slowly, but surely, his presence angers enemies all around him. Meanwhile, Clark desires to live a 'normal' life while still helping as much as he can. He gets the beginnings of an identity crisis as people see Superman and Clark Kent as two different people-- including Clark's love interest, Lois.

* Yuugi slowly becomes aware of his "other half," Yami no Yuugi, otherwise known as the (formerly) Nameless Pharaoh. At first, YnY just takes control of Yuugi whenever he can/feels like it, and actively takes revenge on those that wrong Yuugi and his friends. He makes enemies of all of them, though few ever survive to let their anger stew for very long. When Yuugi finally does become aware of his other half, he still doesn't know too much or trust him. At Duelist Kingdom, he even stops YnY from attacking Kaiba's monster, thereby allowing Kaiba to win the duel (and not 'commit suicide').

There are also striking character similarities:
Yuugi <--> Clark (shy, hardworking, determined, values friends and family very much)
Yami no Yuugi <--> Superman (mysterious, elusive, powerful, a bit arrogant)
Anzu <--> Lois Lane (independent, headstrong, too curious for her own good. Falls for the hero, but not who the hero "really is"-- at first)
Jounouchi <--> Jimmy Olsen (funny, but intelligent, dedicated, but often gets into trouble)
Sugoroku <--> Jonathan Kent/Perry White (a father and mentor figure. Someone the hero would save under any circumstance)
Seto Kaiba <--> Lex Luthor (rich, arrogant, egotistical, can't stand to be beaten. Has also 'come back from the dead')
Yami no Bakura <--> Tempus (unhappy with the way things turn[ed] out, sneaky, though often thought to be insane)
Mai <--> Mayson Drake (bold, independent, sexy blonde-- though she's never shown an interest in Yuugi, as Mayson did for Clark. She DOES get Anzu riled up, though)
Gebeluk <--> Nigel St. John (a servant/worker of the hero's rival/worst enemy, he's sneaky, evil, and dies by his own foolishness)

I can't think of any similarities for Isis (maybe that woman that appeared to tell Superman/Kal'El that he had a 'greater destiny'), Malik (said woman's nutty companion?), Ryou Bakura, Honda, Shizuka, Otogi, and a few others... maybe you can? Remember I'm drawing these similarities from the L&C TV series, not the Superman comics or anything. Hence the decided lack of Supergirl or anything like that.

But what do you think? Creepy, no?
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XD! Oh, man, as much as I hate the dub, I love it. That? Was prolly the funniest epi they've done in a long while without meaning to.

Kaiba's stupid comments are MUCH funnier as thoughts for some reason, but that might be me. Or maybe it was just the way he deadpanned it that was hilarious. But it was.

And dude--the best thing they could've done after that one post with the 'zomg, kids run through my crotch!' thing was to EDIT THAT SCENE. I cracked up so bad.

And now Kaiba/Kisara makes me think of the song "Beautiful Stranger". *hit*

Todays Episode!!!

Omg i was yelling at the TV the entire time.

There was so many effing PUNS. D:!!! i was banging my head on the arm of the couch muttering "i hate you, i hate you so much." also i was screaming "The LOTUS are coming the lotus are coming! Save us Moses!!!" until bakura said a pun x.x

Yugi mentioning about the traps at the last minute was wonderful. They censored Kaiba's crotch that made me kinda sad, but his wordies were really fun and you just wanted to make fun of him.

i've got to download and re-watch this episode, i missed last weeks.

Final thought, have you ever had that paranoia that 4Kids is going online and looking at YGO forum and such and then putting in the dubbed just to mock us?

edit: also forgot Didn't Ancient Seto go like "hmmmm maybe i should, MAYBE I SHOULD" i didn't get it though, isn't he supposed to look all possessed and stuff?
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Haha, I taped today's dub episode. I was laughing when I saw how they edited the scene with those Egyptian kids running through Seto's crotch. On a side-note, when they ran through, do you think Seto felt anything in that certain area. LoL I'm perverted. There was also that one part were he says something among the lines of "This might not be a dream!". In my head I was going 'Either that or he's on some major acid'.

Oh yea, and I noticed something else in this episode. Since when did Bakura have fangs!?

Oh and I have a question, does anyone know a livejournal community especially for Yu-Gi-Oh graphics? And does anyone know a site with good quality Yu-Gi-Oh gifs? It's all for the icons. :3

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Went and deleted that last entry regarding you-know-what (partially because I don't know how to friend-lock entries yet...)

But while I was reading the comments, someone brought up LOST. And, well, that got me to thinking...

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all Skyla's fault.

You know that whole can can thing from the crack!Yuugiou?

Yeah, well, Skyla gave me the mental image of Ryou and Bat (Yami no Bakura) doing it, so I had to draw it. Thought I should share it with you all. xD

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And then I had an impulse to draw Otogi, so here he is, in a semi-realistic style. ^^

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More randomosity of Memory World

One more amusing thing from today's epi that I forgot to mention. Kaiba had girly eyelashes. No, seriously, girly ones instead of his uber-pointy ones. It was only once, some close-up of his face, but I remember laughing so hard at that.

And with all this 'ZOMG YGO/SW!1!' stuff going on, I'd just like to say, I wish I had a scanner. :| Because y'know what? I sketched Seto Kaiba as Anakin Skywalker and Gozaburo Kaiba as Palpatine/Darth Sidious. Because it completely and utterly works in MY mind, anyway.
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tristeza v2.0


Just saw episode 31 of GX (about to watch 32 and 33)
That vamp chick totally freaking rocks.

I think I have found yet another thing for me to OOOMMGGGG about.
Boy did she whoop Crowler good...

I think i'm in fanlove.