January 31st, 2006

I come bearing gifts! And to ask for help with one.

This is my first time posting here but I came to post some icons. I really like Yu-Gi-Oh! and I really like graphic design so put it together and you get a bunch of icons. Almost all of it is of Bakura/Ryou though. Sorry about that but he's my favorite character.

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I also came to see if anyone can help me with another Yu-Gi-Oh icon. It's of Atem and I added some kinky effects but I don't know what text to put on it.

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Can someone help???
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Miroku Turn

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Okay, guys, I know we've had a lot of RPG ads here lately... XD And so bear with me, because I've got another.

The Afterlife RPG

What waits for us after we've left this world? Nobody knows for sure, and though some believe they do, they will never be certain until they take their last breath and death takes them away to what lies beyond this realm. Some believe great reward awaits them, others that there is nothing, and some believe that death is the next great adventure. To be certain, death has perplexed, comforted, and frightened humanity since the dawn of time. What do you think?

Come take a glance through the veil, and see what lies ahead.
[not!kamui] what fools these mortals be
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This is what comes of little to no sleep

So I was thinking about the bad dub yesterday. I think about the bad dub often. Probably because I enjoy its badness immensely. I was recalling when Bakura basically said if Yami could call on Yuugi to help him, Bakura could summon Kaiba. And Yami's reaction and the whole wording of the scene was so bad, all I kept thinking about was what would happen if Bakura and Yami dueled with the characters as their monsters. Giving each a special attack, star level and classification (water, fire, dragon, etc...) So what sort of monster would the various charas be?

Ok, honesty I just wanna be able to summon Kaiba too. And maybe Malik.