January 30th, 2006

New RP, w00t!

Six years have passed since the Ceremonial Duel between Mutou Yuugi and Atemu, which allowed the Pharaoh's spirit to finally find the Afterlife. For those left behind, it is a challenge to resume living their lives and move forward. Yet they do, knowing that while their lives have been changed by the events of the past, each story has a future.

Once you've tangled with Fate, however, you can never truly let go.

The spirits of the Pharaoh, Atemu, and the Tomb Robber, Bakura, have been returned to this modern world with no memories of their previous lives, including the time spent in the future, nor of the hosts they once shared minds with. Given memories of lives they haven't actually lived, each must make the best of the situation and adjust to this world if they are to survive.

Mutou Yuugi and his friends have completed highschool. Finding jobs and setting themselves on the paths that will take them through their lives, they live day to day with the memories they now possess, each dealing with them differently.

Yet souls that were once so closely linked to others are inevitably drawn back to them, as if by gravity, or magnetism.

And so begins a movement of destiny that will collide lives together once more.

Plenty of Characters Still Open! Come Join ygo_citylights Today!

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Okay, this is kind of stupid, but i found it ENDLESSLY amusing. So i have all these pictures of my favorite bishies taped into my school agenda, one picture on every page (a school agenda, for those who might not know, is just like a planner type thing where you write all your assignments, but theres a handbook in the beginning with all the school rules, the pictures were taped onto the handbook part) So I was just drooling looking at it during study hall, and I noticed that the topics of the pages they were taped onto were BIZARRELY fitting. Here are the topics on each persons page:
Seto: (there were MANY pages of him of course XD) Electronic devices, counseling services (whaa? :o) and academic distinction (cuz he's a genius like whoa!)
Marik: Transportation services (boat, motorcycle) Corporal Punishment (bahaha) and (this one keeled me dead) "students will work to develop mechanisms to control their anger."
Joey: Disruptive behavior
Bakura: Taking money or material goods from other persons in the high school building; Theft/extortion/gambling (oh, and bomb scares, which doesnt apply to bakura, but its fun to picture him doing that)

Yeah, that was pointless, and your probably wondering how I plan to pay you for that moment of your life that you'll never get back, but I thought it was ca-razy ^_^
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zero - trust me

Release the crack! X3

Alright...this is crack in the form of a lyrical suggestions...if that made sense. XD! Walking home from school today, I was listening to a mix CD one of my best friends made me, and suddenly "(You Make Me Wanna)La La" by Ashlee Simpson came on...and I started thinking...

Oh My Ra...PUPPYSHIPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!111


The line that kinda sealed it...

"You can dress me up in diamonds, you can dress me up in dirt.
You can thrown me like a lineman, I like it better when it hurts."

Oh yeah...you know you wanna Puppyship after that one. XD!
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