January 28th, 2006


Latenight post ^^

It's 4 am here right now and I've just finished watching the first ep of the YuGiOh!GX Sub. I'm high on crack anyway, totally sleep-deprived and can't shut my eyes for all it's worth. Perhaps that's why I found it utterly hilarious hearing Juudai calling the HaneKuribou his 'aibou'. My mind keeps telling me that it leaves interesting bunnies out into the open XD
But that's beside the point.

All I actually wanted to ask was if anybody happens to have the ending song and is willing to share. I got that tune stuck firmly in my head and am afraid I'll have to hear it several times more until I can get rid of it again. ^^

So if anyone wants to help me out I'll love you forever and ever. ^^ If that's okay?

Jâ nee!
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Okay, I hope I'm not the only one who did a serious "WTFBBQ?" while watching the new ep this morning. What in the world was with Seth's glowing yellow eyes? Please tell me they're not going to do something stupid like "Akunadin's controlling him." Why don't the dubbers realize that the good guys don't always have to be perfect?

Also, does anyone else agree that Bakura, as the RPG master that he is, wouldn't be playing Honda so badly out of character?

Gah. Stupid dub. D<
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If I hear Kaiba make one more not-so-witty, smartass comment that he doesn't make in the original, I'm gonna kill people. :|
Needless to say, expect a mass murder next week. <<

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Random thought of the day

For some reason I was looking in the mirror this morning and thought about how my bangs look somewhat like Yugi's. Then I began wondering how much hair gel it would take to make them all pointy and spiky like his are. For some reason an image of that cartoon Johnny Bravo popped into my head. You know the one where he has that "Vat O' Hair Gel". Then I started picturing Yugi acting like Johnny, trying to pick up chicks and whatnot. It was funny.
Iron Man // i am

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Sorry for the spampost, but I simply must know who made this masterpiece of an icon:

I would feel bad using it without credit, but it's just so beautiful. ;_; Does anyone know who made it?