January 27th, 2006

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Intros and Confused

Hello. I'm new and thought I should introduce myself. I began watching Yuugiou a long time ago and buy the Japanese comics.

I have a question: What did Thief King sound like in the English version? Did he sound like a woman?
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Colour Dodge [A Wilhelm Scream]

RPG Pimpage

Due to an attempt to revive an RPG, and to test out my new application system, and from our new mod telling us to, I'm gonna pimp out an RPG. It's a multifandom RPG, Highschool AU. One of the first, I'd like to believe (It's well over a year old). And here I am, pimping it to you.

mugenjou_high. Not all the taken characters are listed in the user info though, due to me not keeping track of all of them (I'll ask our new mod if she can maybe add some that I've missed to it).

Please join. =D We'd love to have some new players. XD We have couple of YGO characters already, but we would ♥ it if we especially got a Honda player.

((X-pimped all over the place. Apologies if you've seen this or a similar pimp anywhere else on your flist)).
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Gir from, "Invader Zim"
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(no subject)

What songs can you imagine Yugi and the Gang singing?

Oh! Another thing! Anyone who lives in Ocean County around Toms River, there's gonna be the reopening of their library tomorrow and as a part of the celebration, there's gonna be this Anime thing going on from 11:00 A.M to Noon. I know, it's gonna be happening around the same time ''Yu-Gi-Oh!'' is on. :(


You know what my friend and I thaught would be really funny? If the narrator from the PowerPuff Girls narrated Yu-Gi-Oh! It's just amusing 'cause he always talks when things get really dramatic or funny I can just imagine the some of the things he would say...

(at the beginning of every episode) "The city of Domino!"

"Oh, Jounuchi, what would we do without you?"

"Jeez, Bakura! Whose side are you on?"

"Pegasus, you'd better not be reading my mind because I'm thinking some very bad things about you!"
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First of all, a double check. I'm sure all of you are familiar with that phenomenon where you just know things during dream that wouldn't make any sense in the real world?

Second of all...
*hangs head* Second Jou dream this week. Except, this time, I was Jou. And I (that is, Jou) had possession of the Milenium Eye, and Pegusus (who, wtf, also had possession of a Millenium Eye), had challenged me (meaning Jou) to some sort of game. At least, I knew is was Pegusus. Because despite that naggin feeling telling me it was Pegasus, I'm pretty in the anime he does not look like Grampa Motou with a haircut.
Anyway, this "game" was just a maze made out of cardboard, and Jou (meaning, I) had to find my way (that is, Jou's way) to the end where I (oh, screw this, I'm Jou) would wait for Pegasus to arrive, in which we'd face off.
And as I'm going through this maze, Anzu kept poppin' up out of nowhere giving unessary advice. Which eventually got really irritating.
So, I reach the end of the maze, and there's a balcony nearby. I'm getting bored of wating around, so I walk out there, where I find Kisara standing around looking all sad and stuff. I'm not quite sure what happened then, because soon a bunch of my classmates came strolling out. The fact that I had no idea what was going on was probably whay I went back inside.
I see Pegasus' shadow looming, so I wait around a corner to ambush him. He turns the corner, and I begin trying to zap him with my Milenium Eye. (Although, I'm pretty sure that the Millenium Eye was not a ray gun in the anime, right?) Pegasus and I are trying to zap eachother when Anzu once again pops out of nowhere and say, "Oh, you sillies! You know you can't use the Millenuim Eye before 8 o'clock!"
The rest of my dream was a blur. All I recall after that is that I (meaning Jou) was very pissed off about the whole situation.
ToS ☆ SLAP!, ToS ☆ Sisterly love.

(no subject)

Hi! First post here ... I came up with this tonight and thought that maybe some people might find it fun. It's a new product featuring everyone's favorite pharaoh, see. So ... without further adieu, I'll get to it!

Do you find yourself longing for a hi-tech, long-lasting digital music player, but just have no idea which one would suit your needs best? Do you want a product that will hold hours upon hours of your favorite songs and sound clips, and your pictures to boot?

Well ... then this product is not for you.

Introducing AteAmp!

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(PS: The icon is up for adoption, but please give credit to either artistjosie or icanvas if you do!)