January 26th, 2006

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Does anybody know where I can find some manga scans of the original YGO series?

I've been looking for the chapter where Anzu buys the love tester key chain and gives one to Yuugi. ^_^ That's my favorite chapter (aside from the dancing chapter).
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upon watching the very last episode of YuGiOh!...

*cries* It. Is. Over.

Just finished watching the last ep of YGO on TV and I feel abysmally bad. *weeps*
Now all I can do is wind back the tape and watch it anew and, like, try to imagine that there'll be more?
You Americans are up for some surprises, though ^___-

Now, on to the funny part: I was watching in my sisters' room ('cause my stupid TV decided to die yesterday) and so she kept on nagging me with snarky comments in the background. I had to explain the cards to her, how the game works and no, it's NOT stupid, kthx, sis! and the like. She doesn't know YGO and is all over prejudiced.
Still, she kept watching the whole ep with me together and grew quieter and quieter the longer on it went.
Right up until Atem and Yuugi say goodbye to each other.

Me: *silently wipes a tear from her face*
Sis: ... DAMN! Why don't they kiss already???
Me: ... *braindead*

I might have just converted my sister to Puzzleshipping. Oh sh...

So, do miracles happen even in the last ep? YES!

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