January 25th, 2006

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I knew it!!

I looked at today's date and it triggered something in me.

And that's when I realized it:


*confetti* Yay!! Happy Birthday! ♥
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Last night I had this dream. A long dream involving Borders and public school and volleyball...but that's besides the point.
Towards the end of my dream, I was wandering through my house and I came across Jou and Dom (from Megatokyo) lying underneath the bathroom sink. Dom sits up and tells me to go run the dishwasher. Well, first I turn to go downstair to the kitchen, but then I felt very annoyed that Dom was bossing me around, so I turn back and yell, "Hey, Jou! Get the hell out here and load the goddamn dishwasher!" Jou grudgingly got up, looking very pissed off about what I had just said to him. And the rest of my dream was him very noisily breaking dishes loading the dishwasher.

That's all. rather sad.
azureshipping - back to back

Yeah, I'm evil, what of it?

Okay, so hate me all you want, but I was checking out the Yu-Gi-Oh products here and found that little gem... it's called the Yu-Gi-Oh Special Edition Championship Gift Set, and it's apparently a 3-disc DVD set with a mini-CD from songs from Music to Duel By on it. It's $49.95, which seems typical for DVD box sets these days, though I would have expected  more DVDs! Still, 10800 minutes... and JAPANESE LANGUAGE (but "Edited")!? WHAAAAT!? That's got to be a typo, right? There's no picture, but the release date claims 2003. But the format is unknown. WHAT IS THIS!?

Oh, and if you really wanna know why I was at THAT SITE, I'm looking for that new Dark Magician Girl tin. ^^; I've always wanted to have that card, even if I never duel anyone in my area, and the Secret Rare was just too damn hard to get ahold of.
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