January 24th, 2006


Weekends and YGO-sightings. Or something like that.

Uhm, I hope I don't bore you all to death with what lots of sightings I'm experiencing in the last time? ^^

However, this is what happened when visiting my relatives. (Who have absolutely NO idea I'm a YuGiOh!-Fan...)

Upon watching mens’ biathlon on Friday:
As wintersport-fans my family keeps cheering for the German dude who’s friggin’ good. I’m sitting by pretty much bored and overhearing my grandmas’ and cousins’ discussion:

Cous: Look at the shooting. Everyone’s making mistakes. No wait, that Marik dude doesn’t…
Me: *blinks and stares at screen and reads* Maric (SLO). Riiiight.
Cous: But he’s far behind anyways…
Me: Well, of course, he doesn’t take the cold so easily!
Cous: ???
Me: *sniggers*

Well, guess who I kept cheering on then. ^^ And, really, I don’t know what this is with all the Marik sightings here. Perhaps my subconscious wants to tell me something?

Then followed Saturday: major weirdness.

Party at my cousins’ place. He’s going around, passing some freshly mixed drinks. (He’s somehow picked up a book with fancy recipes and his friends and me got to be the guinea-pigs…)

Me: Tasty. What’s this stuff?
Him: Kaiba.
Me: … … … err, WHAT? O_o???
Him: Cai-ba. Caipirinha with a shot of sweet banana flavoured syrup and crushed ice.
Me: *purrs*

Yes people, I’ve uncovered the big secret! Kaiba is actually an alcoholic drink! His normal looks are just holograms. Well, at least it explains how he can give me a headache… and he’s icecold, too! And I won’t even talk about adding a straw and sucking him off…*getsbricked*
Oh my, what pervy thoughts I kept through the whole evening. Mwahahaha.

Yay for molesting Kaiba before finishing him off! *wigglewiggledance*

And the best thing: everyone can have his/her personal share of Caiba. If you're above your drinking age, that is. ^^

That is all. *g*

... and Thanks to my cousin who tried to cheer me up when it was really necessary.
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Yes, I know someone else posted this, too, but...

My first YGO sighting ever! And it was in school! In Current Events!
So we're making these Alphabet Powerpoints in Current Events, and I'm working alone, (searching for Giza, I believe it was. Or was it Barcelona...or Brazil...) and I come across about five things with the same name:
The Kaibab Plateau
I had the urge to take a pen and cross out the "b."
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I think I've posted too much here already O_O...

...but I had to share this with you guys. It's a litte old but...

When Yugioh was still on CN with the Noa Arc, I was watching it with my mom and when Jonouchi and Shizuka are turned back into not-statues, my mom's like "Oh, I love you! Let's go make love in the bushes!"

So yeah, being a Relyshipper at the time, I started giggling. And she was like "?" and I'm like, "Mom...they're brother and sister..."

I still bug her about it ^_^
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From yu-jyo.net:
Yugi and Kaiba meet the two Rare Hunters as instructed on the glass roof of the skyscraper. Kaiba demands that they hand over the hostages, but they tell him they'll have to duel them first. The Rare Hunters introduce themselves as Lumis (Mask of Light) and Umbra (Mask of Darkness). They're the same two Rare Hunters that previously dueled Yugi and Kaiba in the alley, but now they're wearing masks that cover half their faces. They explain the rules of the game.

(Bold emphasis is mine).

Question: when did Yugi and Kaiba previously tag team a pair of Rare Hunters? I thought this was the first time, because at the end of this duel, don't they each get 2 Puzzle Cards, and therefore qualify for the finals? Why in the world would 2 Ghouls duel Yugi and Kaiba TWICE?!

...Or is this just a typo?
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