January 23rd, 2006

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I come before you with some shameless contest pimping. I got a little bored of watching all the current ones dying or getting shut down so I made one of my own. Hopefully if we get enough memebers the first theme can be posted on Friday :D

I'm still looking for some help there so please check it out for more information.

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a friend star_sailor13 she can kill me later if she wants linked me to a pokemon fic about ash and charizard, as a ewww factor thing.But ouch! the pain that must have involved. but now all i can think of is Yami and Ra, the flaming Ra. and you know what, that would have to hurt like a flaming holy Egyptian hell.
What other cards would they screw and what injuries would they gain doing it? not including paper cuts

To create or not to create?

Okay, guys, I've been wondering if I should make a Yugioh RP community and keep my original journal, because I don't want a new one. So should I keep this journal and not make a new one (and roleplay as my OC...alonegirl_34, you know who this is...) But would anyone join? (I know you would, alonegirl_34.)

So if anyone can help me that'd be nice.
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I am NOT imagining things

Okay, so I made a boo-boo. In order to burn CDs, one must have at least the size of what you want to burn FREE. And I think in trying to toss out old, big vid files I didn't "need" I tossed the sub of Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters episode 70 (Japanese, with somewhat okay embedded subtitles) with it.

I have since deduced that the file originated from a torrent, which I also deleted.

So here I am, asking anyone if they know where a site hosts Yu-Gi-Oh torrents. I already searched GetItFido, LimeWire, and perused through past entries here looking for torrents, YSIs, or anything similar. I'm lost. Is it on Janime? Was it on some site that is no longer in my history because I routinely clear my cache?

Help me out here. I would ask digifaith to upload it, but DF's already doing so much, and I have a horrible guilt-complex. If I can find it without begging DF, I would really, really love it. So, can anyone point me in the right direction?
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I don't think i've ever had a good one of these before, but this one was pretty decent.

For psych class we're doing presentations, and someone did theirs on schizophrenia. in the "fun facts" section, it said that schizophrenia started in the Pharaohonic times of Egypt.

I cracked up...so now we know what happened to poor Yami!

*is shot*

Edit: This post seems to have bothered a few people, and that wasn't my intention at all, so I appologize to anyone this might have upset.

Little note: I put up a thing for fic requests here a few weeks ago, and haven't posted many...I beg your forgiveness, finals have been approaching, but the requested fics are still coming! As soon as I ensure my passing of classes...

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