January 22nd, 2006

Miroku Turn

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Omg! I've drawn another theme for 30_kisses. (#12, in a good mood) Thought you guys might like to see. ;3

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x-posted a lot of places, so sorry if you see it more than once! ♥
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Multi-Fandom RPG!! that is active, fun, and needing more people!
Chomolanga University is a multi-fandom RPG. This is a AU RPG and RL. Meaning that your characters and all even will take place as if they were in the real world/aka: our world. Come check it out, the link is to the user info which explains everything and people are always welcomed.
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Can anyone help me?

I have a couple of questions -

What happened to Dartz at the end of Doma? I missed a whole bunch of episodes...

Also, what was the name of the illegal castle card that Siegfried had Leon use in his duel against Yami/Yugi?

Thank you to anyone who can help; it's for fiction purposes :)

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At work there was someone who had a kid called Tea so now I have decided that I will call my first son Seto I was leaning towards it anyway but now its really going to happen