January 21st, 2006


Personal Viewer person on todays episode

Well...I saw today's episode and i've got to say before i say anything else

It was like a crossover of Star Wars, The Twilight Zone, Dragon Ball/Superman, and RPG all rolled into one! Feel free to add more to the list.

Aknadin: Join me Seto!!
Seto: Master Aknadin is my father!? How could this be?!
Yami: Could this be...a...game?! *woosh* huh?!
Hasan: *cool/funny Dragon Ball/Superman flying through the air*
Jou: I could be in worse positions

it was beautiful crack

Wasn't Bakura's face like 'woah'?
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I'm so sorry, but I know I wasn't the only one just waiting for the impending doom of

"No, Seto, I am your father!"


Honestly, I was dissapointed.

I think someone posted this before but...

...I was drinking some Spiced Chai Tea and I was like, "Hey...what would the Yugioh cast drink?" and I have some ideas...
Kaiba-Coffee. Plain.
Anzu-Water or a sports drink...especially when dancing
Ryou-Tea. Any kinds. Especially peppermint.
Yami no Bakura-Probably alcohol (^^')
Yami no Yuugi-Water or juice
Yami no Malik-Grape juice (8D)
Malik-Water, tea, or coffee...But most likely cappuccino
Mokuba-Soda. Lots and lots of soda.
Jonouchi-Soda or a sports drink
Otogi-Flavored Water
Rebecca-Chocolate Milkshake
Shizuka-Strawberry milkshake

Anyone I missed? And feel free to voice your opinion...^_^
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My VCR totally shut down on me and I was not able to be home to catch this morning's epp ! *hangs head* Anyone steer me toward somewhere I can watch it? or let me know what happened? Please? *anime eyes*
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[Sex Puppy] -=- [Made by aki_hana; DO NO

You-Gay-Ho (Otherwise known as: WTF,STFUKTHNX.)

And so, I finally join this community. You should all invite me with nice, warming pokes and threats :D. That'd make me extremely happy <3.

I actually have something to contribute...nothing all that huge. It's just a sad little theory that I thought of...Actually, I don't even remember how I thought of it. I suppose it's all the horrible American dubs of Yu-Gi-Oh's fault. Blame it on them. So, as I said before:

I have a theory.

An awe-inspiring...(that is a word, right?) theory! It may not make sense, (it's not really supposed to), but you absolutely must read it anyways.

It's my view of the origin of Yu-Gi-Oh.

Or, should I say, You-Gay-Ho.

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(If this post is crappy, stupid, or not allowed, then feel free to throw tomatoes at me, shout profanities, eat my arms, and delete the post.
Just don't take my pink stuffed bear away. I wuv him.)

...I'm off to go spam other people with this.
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