January 20th, 2006

  • talymil

Yugioh and The Producers

On Tuesday I went and saw The Producers at the movies (Great film by the way)and I wondered which YGO characters you would have in the various roles? Since there is so much implied Yaoi-ness in both fandoms I thought it'd be a great match.

Regarding physical appearences, Mai would be my Ulla any day.
rrrroyal rainbow!
  • volley

Uhm... -is bricked- :'D

Okay, so I was looking at a Yuugiou GX website for no apparent reason, and, uhm...

Collapse )

Oh, and I'm new. HELLOOOOO. <3 ._o; GX intimidates me.... Deescussss? XD;;;

Edit: I just realized...The entry before this involved a crotch as well.

OMG, the crotches are coming! DDDD: