January 17th, 2006

Loki 2

Shameless Pimping:

I am the co-mod (the not-as-smart one, who does the dirty work) at awesome-ygo-rpg, and it's my job to announce that WE ARE LOOKING FOR PLAYERS!!!

We could really really use a Yami no Yuugi, and a Mai. Also, there are plenty of Egyptian characters open; and we have a Dartz who would love to have a few of his henchmen to order around.

If you're wondering, the answer is yes, you do want to apply. You should probably go do it now!

Shameless plea

I've done this once or twice here...a long while ago...so I figured it was a safe try for another go.

I'm modderating
A Ryou/Bakura community...and it would make me very happy if you clicked the link, then clicked the join community button thing...and then did other such things connected with that.

Yes, i'm shamelessly promoting...*begs*

If this bothers anyone I shall delete in a rapid nature, but at least my case has been heard! :)

*is shot*

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OMG Malik is after me!

Yesterday, my sister and I both witnessed 2 YGO sightings, both concering Malik.

1. My dad brought home this one reference sheet to a contest some students of him were entering. He had it spread out on a bed, and my sister suddenly gasped and said, "Look!"

There, as plain as daylight, said:

If you have any questions, please call Anthony Malik.

Giggled about that for a while. ^^

2. My whole family was watching a program on a local channel about Eleanor Roosevelt (don't ask why). So, they were talking about Mrs. Roosevelt being a member of the White House commitee, and how she would arrange meetings and such. And a close friend of her said thus:

"...and she would always be arranging things, such as, 'We need to call Mr. Malik right away...yes, yes, right away...'"

....I was snerking for the rest of the night. XDD
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Polysics → Fumi: I'm awesome

When the plateaus attack!! (wtf? XD)

Some time ago in Biology, we were doing a worksheet about a deer population that got really big, they started dieing, and then park people had to shoot the deer to control the population... yay

Anyway, the name of the plateau, at first, I didn't even think about it because I didn't see the spelling... but when we got the worksheet, it said at the top...

The Kaibab Plateau

Me: OMGWTF!!??!!? *shows to a friend*

And so, I had to cross out the b and so it was... The Kaiba Plateau! XD
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Cool [DS] [Protag]

YGO... "Sighting"?

So I was sitting in Astronomy today, and the teacher is talking about this probe (STOP YOUR LAUGHING) to Pluto that was supposed to go up today. It's apparently part of this program to explore Pluto and this thing called the Kuiper (pronounced Kai-per) Belt, and beyond, but this is what I heard:

Teacher: "And the KAIBA Belt..."
Me: "...What?"
Teacher: "Kuiper Belt."
Me: *disappointed* "Oh."

Thought you all might find that interesting.