January 16th, 2006

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A couple of things:

Last night I was having a really odd dream that involved being on the computer and enduring popups, when one came up that said, "KAIBACORP.COM - FREE PARTY ICE! PARTY ON!!" ... I swear, that's what it said. Then the BEWJ was taking off in a forest but landed again so it could empty its waste tank, which resembled it taking a large piss on the ground. I woke up soon after. :|

And the other day in English we were discussing boy bands and girl bands, thus the Backstreet Boys were brought up. My English teacher, being a rocker (so am I, but I love them. XDD) was dissing them relentlessly while another girl in my class was defending them, and then to prove her loyalty to the band she yelled, "WELL I HAVE THE MILLENNIUM BONUS DVD!!"

m_a_d_e4duff and I died laughing, and no one knew why. ... good thing the Mary Sues haven't come across THAT one yet...
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The Coffee Made Me Do it!

Swiftknife Raven: I returned with Starbucks!
i like many pies: Huzzah!
Swiftknife Raven: It is the good crack :}
i like many pies: <33
Swiftknife Raven: hehe :3 I so want to find that pic from the ep when Yami and Anzu go on that "date" and the cups look like their from Starbucks.
Swiftknife Raven: Starbucks: Taking Over the World. One Anime At a Time
i like many pies: xDD Conspiracy!

Am I the only one who thought that? ^^; And randomly: What Starbucks drink would be a favorite among the YGO cast?

BTW: If you have that screenshot, I would love you if you sent it to me. :3
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total spam post

Hello all! A friend and I are starting up a new yugi-oh rp community.


Anyone who wants to join in a lighter happier type of rp with plenty of yaoi fluff can come claim a character. ^^ Angst is welcome too but we much prefer humor and good natured fun over dark stuff. Just post on the char thread if you want to join and we'll give you an audition. Thanx for your time!

Random again

....I want Joey to die. =D Thus I am credited as a Seto fangirl.

I randomly think Seto needs to be hit upside the head. Thus I am called a Joey fangirl.


Screw that, I'm a Seth fangirl. =D
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