January 14th, 2006

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Fan Sound Track--Anzu...first draft.

Okay, after that last post, I poked around a few places, and discovered an LJ community called "fst" which is for posting "fan sound tracks." I don't have the music collection or the bandwidth to take full advantage of same, but thought it might be fun to construct a hypothetical fan sound track for Anzu Mazaki. (And the other characters, but one thing at a time.)

General personality: "Dancing Queen"--ABBA

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Fantasia - Pegasus

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Recently I did a Princess Series for the boys of Beyblade, and seeing profsparky's post made me want to do one for these guys. So I did. They're only quick sketches though, nothing special but it still kept me amused for a while.

Princess Seto: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/27686824/

Princess Katsuya: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/27687001/

Princess Ryou: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/27687230/

And finally....Princess Malik: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/27687320/

Enjoy? O__o;;

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Manga Manga! Ryou?


I just got the first series of YGO Manga and I never ever realised this ever ever before, but how the heck, or why the heck, does everyone think that Mr Bakura (Ryou's dad) is digging in Egypt and left his son their in Domino? Cos I mean Ryou says he was sent the Ring from Egypt when he was wout there, but who's to say he wasn't just there once or something? I mean watching the anime (dub) and having read now the first series, why are people thinking the man practically lives in Egypt leaving his son alone at their home?

Sorry was reminded by the and Ryou with his "Everywhere I go, people end up DEAD or in comas!" comment earlier. He says in the Manga Direct Quote: "That sort of thing kept happening, so people started avoiding me... That's why I kept changing schools... Now I'm living in an apartment by myself, away from my family..."

So they didn't move here and then his dad left, he moved away from his family... well that's what it sounds like to me. Does anyone know the official story behind it? Cos it really sounds like:

a) he has more family and hangs out with more family members Daddy and
b) he moved away from his family, either them telling him to go away cos he was freaking them out or because he wanted to so he didn't hurt said family.

So yeah. I hear what I hear, and I'd even say that "Yeah his dad ect." but that's just me passing by gossip without solid evi. So my beloved aibou's, what's the deal with Ry-chan?
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