January 12th, 2006

  • tasan

YGO GX Sighting

OK! i know i never post here, but i will more often now that i'm back in college and not working and only studying my ass off for classes. ^_^;;; (I'll have a LOT of free time, I only have class on tuesday and thursday) OK!

My sighting is!

I was standing in the customer service line at Best Buy and i looked over to a poster on the wall...it was an advertisement for Nintendo, PS2, and Xbox 360...and it said "GET YOUR GAME ON!" lol...i thought it was awesome! XD!!!

I pointed it out to my dad and he was like, "Is that the show with the guy with the really pointy hair and the other guy with the trench coat that defies gravity?" and i was like "Well...not really...it's like that but with different people..." and he just shook his head and sighed and went "And you're in college..." I laughed and pouted at the same time...but i was so excited when i saw that i gasped and jumped up and down and the people in line thought i was an idiot! lol...ook...gotta finish unpacking! Lata!

[not!kamui] what fools these mortals be
  • nayami

Your weekly service announcement

I admit I've been avoiding posting in this community for a while because I'm terribly shy of the awesome, but when I happened across this gem at work, I couldn't resist.

Warning: These pictures are massively huge since they are for comparison. And links are just no fun.

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