January 10th, 2006


Sometimes I love 'bad' days

Mwahaha. I missed a train yesterday and got caught in Hamburg, Germany for an hour. I was totally mad at the conductor who saw me running down the stairs in order to reach the damn train, grin at me evilly (no kidding) and blowing the whistle as signal for departure. I had my hand on the door and the stupid thing left. GAH!
It was freezing like hell, too (about -7°C in the trainstation) and thus I kept moving around to avoid the cold.

And that's when I saw that tall, chestnut haired dude in a violet coat *just* the right shade.

I was all O__o OMGKaiba. Not the right haircut, but he didn't look too bad either.

... I think I peeved him out by smiling and waving at him and going "Nice coat, man!"

Am I a fangirl or what? *kinda embarrassed but somehow... not*

If I hadn't missed the train, I'd never have met the guy. Nice how some unfortunate events turn out, ne? At least I'm not that angry at the conductor anymore. though he probably deserves it. I'll whack him when I see him again next week
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song parady

you know that song "World's Greatest" by R Kelly?
and you know how Bakura is always going on about he is the darkness?
we were inspired to write a parody of the song as it would be sung by Bakura.
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Worthless like a Bad check. It's like a train wreck, don't wanna stare but you can't look away.

Have you ever read one of those fanfic's where your inner english teacher is crying out in disdain at the poor sentence structure? Where the grammar is reaching out it's grubby paws and smearing your face with some foul smelling glue?

It's a bad fic. And now, linking a "bad fic" to the YGO dub, I give you a SilverWing rant.
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