January 9th, 2006

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You know you're absorbed in your fandom when...

...you start thinking about how friggin' skinny some of the characters would be in real life.

Right, so. A friend and I were talking last night, and somehow the discussion came to character weights. And if the characters actually existed with their canon height/weight/etc, they would be... severely underweight. But I think you all knew that.

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So if any of you want to write an angsty fic about a character being anorexic, you know where to go for reference. ;x *hit*
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Question For Duelists!

Ok, I'm almost done with "Affair 20" which is a duel between Yami and Kaiba and in this one part, I have it where Kaiba activates a trap card, in which Yami uses one as well called "Chain Burst" and the effect of it is to inflict 1000 point damage to each player that activates a trap card. Now point in case, would that include that card too because if so, that means their duel would end in a draw then wouldn't it? Help please!!!!

~ Jean ~
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tristeza v2.0

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Today marks the end of the integruity of the dueling world.
I won a torny with a Amazoness deck.
Thats right, won.

I dont even own swordsmistress or chain master.
I built it on the spot because I forgot there was a tourny and only had my toon deck built (not using THAT in tourny play) and left peices of my burner at home.

So anyway.. long story short.. I won.
If anyone wants me too i'll post the deck so you can see why my opinion of the duelists of this country has gone wayy down. Seriously.


Please answer no...

Ok. This shall be the shortest post I've ever written. Someone lpease tell me that Saturday's ep of YGO was a repeat. I was in Ohio for Ohayocon and completly forgot to tell my dad to tape the lineup... So I'm praying it was a repeat cause I like the Egyptian Arc and I don't want to miss anything.
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New arrival!

Hey, e'rebody. I don't have much, but I thought I'd contribute some YGO fanart. I was on a Kaiba binge but wanted to post Bakura instead, so...

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And a off-hand question, because I've missed the show in great leaps of time: Kaiba has maids in his house, right? I was thinking about creating a community based on that...could it work?
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