January 8th, 2006

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Random question/observation concerning this morning's new dub episode:

Priest Seth: "Where is he?!"
Soldier: "On the south bank of the river Nile, sir!"

Um, does the Nile have a south bank?


Hello everybody. I'm afraid I can't bear any crack today. -tear-
But! I do have a proposition. If I were to make a fanlisting for this community, would you guys join? Of course you would

When you say yes, suggest/post pictures that I could/should use for the layout.
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Ship Names

I was looking at a community, and they didn't have some names for a few pairings, so I came up with a few. Don't ask me HOW I got these, they just made sense to me...
KaibaxVivian: Vainshipping
MalikxMokuba: Trapshipping (Was going to be Soulshipping originally but ShaadixAmmit had that one...)
Yami no MalikxMokuba: Hurtshipping
RyuujixMalikxRyou: Gameshipping
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