January 7th, 2006

azureshipping - back to back

Shafted Characters

So I'm re-reading the Yu-Gi-Oh: The Movie animanga for... er, research purposes (ssh!) and a thought occurred to me. Bakura was one of the few "main" characters that should have had a role (even small) in the movie. But he, like so many others, got totally shafted. So here I am wondering... if Bakura were in the movie, what role would he play? (Short of changing the entire plot or anything, I mean.)

What about any other characters that were noticeably missing from the movie? (Given that the movie takes place just after Battle City and before the Orichalchos arc, don't mention characters like Dartz, etc., mmk?)

Edit for clarity: I don't mean "What was Bakura doing at the time?" I mean, if you wanted Bakura to be in the movie, how/where would you squeeze him in?
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In addition to being Fandom Pope, I am now Fandom DMV.

I'm mostly a lurker in this community and other YGO communities. This has put me an ideal position to notice that a great deal of YGO 'shippers are probably retarded. Well, I think you and I can put a stop to idiot 'shipping, friends, for the good of the Internets and our fair fandom here.


With these!

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Licenses can, of course, depict whichever 'ship a holder may like them to. Except for Harry/Hermione, because everyone knows 'shipping Harry/Hermione is, in and of itself, something only idiots do. (No, it's not. I'm just kidding. But calling yourself a Harmonian is definitely something only idiots do.)

But that's the wrong fandom anyway. Moving on.

Thanks to these babies, 'shipping without a license would be Internet illegal and punishable by up to three months in Internet jail. In order to acquire a license, you must be of age (13 in the United States, and since everyone knows the Internet is only for Americans anyway...) and not stupid. You can prove you're not stupid by taking an Idiot Test, which I will happily administer in the comments until the mods delete this. You can prove you're at least thirteen by saying, "I'm at least thirteen."

If that's too much work, you can commission a license for just $19.95 ($20.00 if it's from a fandom other than YGO). If you're willing to pay $19.95 for a shitty Paintshop job, you're probably an idiot and undeserving of your license, but I would be a suck Fandom DMV indeed if I didn't take bribes.

ETA: Holy shit, people are taking this (semi-)seriously. XDDD;; I'm not sure if I should be shocked, afraid or honored. Maybe I should be horny.

I'll get your licenses done soon. Promise. ♥
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I'm watching the Yuugiou Movie on youtube here if anyone is interested.

But ... it makes me wonder.
You have to feel sorry for Kisara. All throughout the movie they refer to the Blue Eyes White Dragon as 'he'. And, you have to love Pegasus.

"Now, now Kaiba-boy, lets not get nasty... well, not yet anyway."

And Kaiba angsts to Simple Plan.
Marlon Brando!Joey rocks.
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concerning Zork

I'd be shocked if this issue has never been raised here before, but all the same, I gotta know. So I've been watching the AE arc, and just saw Zork.

And. Er. Zork hasn't appeared yet in the dub, has he? When he does - considering how nervous nudity makes the US censors already, what with the giving of poorly drawn shifts to naked card-fairies and Mai's deleted cleavage and such - how do you think they're going to handle the lord of evil's...ummm...anatomy?

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SakuraCon Anyone???

Is anyone going to SakuraCon this year because I am planning to dress up as Yami Marik. I already have the pants and t-shirt (Lol, I was bored one day and was looking at my closet when I noticed that shirt and I was like *eyeshift eyeshift* Marik!!!!! *tackle shirt and reads the tag and starts to laugh* Marik wears Fruit on the Loom Shirts?!?!) and I think I can get the marik blingy blingu but I need to know where I can get Yami Marik's hair wig- I can not dye my hair. I am already tan enought to cosplay as him.

Skit idea for Acen

So, Wheeler and I decided a skit we can do for Acen.
Here it goes....

OK, first off, we'll have Bakura, Yugi, Marik and Kaiba playing video games. They all Game Cube controllers in there hands. They are controlling four different Super Smash characters. Then all of a sudden the Yu-gi-oh characters will be in the game. Yugi will ask Kaiba, to duel and hold his Duel Disk out forward. Kaiba pulls out a hammer from Super Smash from his briefcase and tries to pound Yugi with it. The Super Smash characters are controlling the Yu-gi-oh characters. Yugi comes back on stage with a Poke ball and throws the Poke ball and Dark Magican girl pops out. She starts to whack Kaiba who is trying to whack Yugi and the head of the hammer comes off and Kaiba is beating Yugi with a stick. DMG is beating the crap out of Kaiba who is on the floor and

possibly a)
a poke ball lands by Kaiba and he throws it and Blue - Eyes comes out and starts to fight Dark Magican Girl.

possibly b) Kaiba tries to shoot Dark Magican girl but goes through her and kills Yugi instead and Bakura says to Kaiba, "OMG! You killed Yugi! You basard!"


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Okay, so I was reading Saiyuki: Reloaded today, and I came across this little bit of dialouge during a battle with a guy who can cast illusions:

"So you plan to use self suggestion? You must be aware of the Kaiba in the brain."
"Kaiba? That's another word for walrus, right?"

I do hope I read that right...it's in volume 2.
Just felt like sharing...