January 5th, 2006

Iconage... :3

I saw this phrase on a bumpersticker and couldn't help but make an icon out of it...

He was asking for it anyway.

Comment and CreditDiscuss.
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Ohayocon 2006

Bleh, I meant to post this sooner, but I've been busy. Anyway, Ohayocon 2006 is comin and I think I like, got recruited into a YGO cosplay group through here. Only problem is, I don't know what's all going on with that. I don't remember who is was that was getting the group together or even if they're still doin it. Whoever you are, if you are, hopefully you see this and reply before I leave later today, cause I need some info. Mostly where you're planning on everyone meeting, which I'm assuming you're doing.

And my e-mail is being really gay right now and not wanting to work, so I can't even find anything that way... Noe I'm really hopin the person sees this. That or I'll have to look through past posts, which I really don't have the time to do...
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Fic Requests

I'm doing fic requests, anyone have anything they'd like to have written?
Either give me a pairing you'd like to see, or a plot bunny. If you do the paring thing, please leave a category, angst, humor, etc. Feel free to give me the plot bunny and pairing if you're looking to get really spacific.

The only things I won't do will be NC17, because I am "pure and innocent" and would make a moron...an embarrassed moron at that, out of myself if I attempted those.

Six requests at a time please, let me know if you're interested!

Edit: If there are already six requests, feel free to post yours, just know I won't start it until the first six are completed.


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A note.

Thanks to our darling dub, it is duly noted that Bakura Ryou was turned thoroughly British. As one of the scant and few British people in the fandom, (a fairly rare breed are we) I have then had to suffer through British!Ryou written throughout fanfic everywhere, and written in a way a British person mourns.

Well, never fear, for instead of simply whinging about it I shall provide a solution.

I bring you Oi! Yanks! No!, a general guide to random bits of British-ness; something I came across on the beloved intarwebs not an hour ago, and saviour to all who wish to write a British!Ryou accurately and confidently, without making him look like a complete fop.

Save a Briton today, and click! :D