January 4th, 2006

(CITRON) the battles of your youth

Knew this was coming. :|

Okay, so dawnsshadow and I were arguing about who would make a better seme - Thief King or Malik. So, in order to remedy this, a poll was created~! There are other answers beside those two, as well~ Voters will get a tickle from the... uh, Rod? 8D;

Question is: Who is the sexiest seme? :O

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*hides Malik!banner*
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My friends and I are thinking of doing a Gilligan Island skit with Yu-gi-oh! characters.

Gillian - Wheeler

Skipper - Yugi

Millionaire - Kaiba

his wife - a laptop

movie star - Mai

Professor - Bakura

Mary Ann - Tea

YGO movie crack.

In the last scene of the movie, after Kaiba has stormed out, Yugi makes a little friendship speech. In it, he refers to the puzzle, and then his friends. BUT! In the graphic novel format, by the time he makes the speech, he is already gesturing to his friends. His hand is in a rather interesting place...ehh, just click the link and see for yourselves.

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Yu-gi-oh Scary Movies Rated PG13

My Yu-gi-oh! Group of mine, my collides, friends, employees, etc. Made a series of "Scary Yu-gi-oh!" movies.

Coming for You
Part one of three: Dealt with Bakura, Wheeler and Kaiba, going up to the Dells, and Kaiba driving, to Bakura's cabin so that the three of them could become friends and just friends! However, Bakura's cabin has a ten year - old unsolved murder of three teenage girls who where found chopped up and no one knew who the killer really was. So, in the present the three of them enter the cabin, Kaiba for some odd reason has the keys, well, because I really own the place that's way, so, they're sitting at a table. Kaiba is really SQL for Dummies, Wheeler runs to the toilet and then someone knocks at the door. It's a short man in black with a black cowboy hat. He comes in tells our heroes the tale of the three girls, Bakura when he hears girls is like, "Ow!" Then the man tells our heroes to leave however, Kaiba is a disbeliever and tells the man off to go to the mental institution. The man, leaves, warning, "Evil Jim will come for you!" and slams the door. Kaiba, replies, "Evil Jim my ASS!" Wheeler sticks his head out the bathroom door and said, "who the heck is Jim?" Kaiba, responses, "It's the milkman. It's always the milkman."
Bakura and Wheeler go to the store to buy food. Leaving Kaiba along with his cards, he doesn't have Catlin yet, and they leave the door unlocked cause they don't have the keys. And then something, comes out the bathroom. Stabs Kaiba in the back. Kaiba falls to the floor BUT is not dead. The killer takes the keys and exits out the back door. Coming in the front way is Bakura and Wheeler. Wheeler sees the killer but thinks it is a rare hunter because of the hood. So, Wheeler chases after it. In the forest they run and Wheeler loses the killer. Meanwhile, Bakura goes inside the house and finds Kaiba injured on the floor and bandages and Kaiba says, "It was the killer." So, heads back to the house. Behind him the killer sneaks up and holds up the grim reaper stick and Wheeler looks behind him and starts to run and almost trips. Wheeler makes it to the back of the house, it's dark by now, and stands with back to hanging sheet on the line. Grim Reaper stick is visible with the light hitting the back of the sheet. Then you hear a, "Ahhhhh!" from Wheeler. Bakura rushes out to the back and Kaiba slowly follows. Bakura finds Wheeler lying dead on the ground and starts crying and becomes Yami Bakura and says, "I will have my revenge on whoever did this!" Kaia reaches them and goes, "Oh, boo - who!" Bakura, tells Kaiba, "Shut up you bastard!" So, Bakura drags Wheeler's body into the bedroom and uses the power of the ring to bring him back to life. Wheeler does not believe he died. Then the power went off. Kaiba grabbed a flashlight and forced Wheeler outside the door as bait for the killer so Bakura and him could run to the car and get away. Kaiba pushes Wheeler out and locks the door. Wheeler, doesn't really believe he's locked out. The killer asks him, "How'd you get back alive?" Wheeler tries to open the door but is locked. So, Wheeler runs back into the forest. Kaiba gets into the driver side of the car and Bakura the passenger side. Kaiba tries to start the car but then relieves he does not have the keys. So, they sit there wondering if they're safer in the car or the house. Meanwhile, the killer is Wheeler in the forest and Wheeler is doing a Blair Witch thing. "AMG! I'm going to die!"
Wheeler gets away from the killer jumps into the back seat of the car and wants to go home.
Wheeler tells Kaiba to point the flashlight in front of them. Kaiba points the flashlight ahead of them and says, "Like there's Really anything out there." They see an image of the killer. Wheeler, jumps out of the car and goes, "I'm already out of here, guys."
They run into the house Kaiba, dials 911, but they think he's on drugs. The killer gets in and slowly goes past the window and they wonder how the killer got the keys than they remembered that Kaiba was scabbed. So, they run out the back. Kaiba gets a taxi back to the airport in Madison, Bakura disappears into the woods and Wheeler hitch hikes back to Chicago.

Moonlight - Quote - Perpetual Coolness

When people ask about the last time that we spoke I let the stitches do the talkin for the most part

I don't mean to bother anyone, and I can deleat this post if it's against the com. rules but...

Does anyone know where I can find some nice fanarts/iconage for these pairings?
Bronzeshipping (Mariku/Marik/Yami no Malik x Malik)
Clashshipping (Yami Yuugi/Yami Malik)
Immatureshipping (Jonouchi x Noa)
Intentshipping (Yami Bakura x Mokuba)
Irateshipping (Malik x Jonouchi)
Philtreshipping (Yami Bakura x Mana)

on a somewhat (but not really) related note: does anyone have the link to an old post, of an animation of Seto petting his BEWD?

thank you muchly in advance ^^
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:| A friend of mine and I decided a while ago...Seto needs a mechanical eye.
We have a few different reasons WHY he might. But still, it's a cool and potentially hilarious idea we've been tinkering with.

Seto: Gah...*takes it out* Here, Mokuba, hold this, I need to get a screwdriver and tighten this thing up.
Mokuba: ...*girly scream*

*in front of Yuugi-tachi*
Jou: Kaiba, I challenge you to a duel!
Seto: Why do you insist on annoying me...EVERY OTHER EPISODE?! ...*eye pops out from stress and rolls across the floor* Damn you!

And other funny things, like there being a camera where he can see what it sees no matter where it is, it rolling under Yami's foot during a duel, in which he gets dizzy when it's rolling, pauses the duel, and...yeah. ...Well, WE thought it was funny, anyway. >>;

Another skit idea this time in black & white (Twilight Zone)

This is like Kaiba's nightmare. One of them at the least....
OK. Kaiba's at a barber shop getting his hair cut and reading a newspaper. After the barber is done cutting his hair the barber tries to bleach it blonde and strap him the chair. In the corner of his eye he notices somethings amiss. So, he jumps out the chair and throws the paper down. Then all the people who are having their hair done try to catch him. Kaiba escapes barley from the barber shop. Kaiba's out in the street and passes a book stand and notices all the people on the cover have blonde hair. Not to mention everyone in the city. As soon, as a warrant is put out for Kaiba's capture alive the whole city of blondes is after him. Kaiba ends up in the middle of every single person in Domina, not to mention everyone has blonde hair and they're all chanting, "Join us! Join us!"
Kaiba, "No, I won't! You'll have to kill me first!"

"Join us!" Moving in closer and closer. Finally, they all have grabbed him and dyed his hair blonde.

(In color)
Just then Kaiba wakes up and finds himself sitting in his armchair with the big screen TV on. The Twilight Zone is just starting. Then Mokuba comes in and Kaiba notices that Mokuba put blonde streaks in his hair.

Acen 2006

We need a two - minute skit idea for Acen.

The rules are only Yu- gi-oh! people, maybe Vash and Mr.9 can be in it to if they want to.
Any ideas?
No pulling off pants though cause Wheeler and I did that drunk at Reactor.
The worst thing you can do is repeat a skit.