January 3rd, 2006

Seto Kaiba - O_O -_- O_O

Teh PC game

All right, before I completely give up and go scouring gaming stores... does anyone know where I can download Yu-Gi-Oh Online? It's up for download on the official site, but either my computer doesn't want to download it, or it's a broken link or something. *weeps*
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A question to consider...

I'm not sure how many people out there have heard of online TCGs, because as far as I know they're a rather new-ish craze, but for those who haven't they work rather like offline ones. You collect cards, can trade them, buy them with things like certificates etc. I find them to be quite a lot of fun, in any case. ^.^

I noticed a significant lack of Yuugiou in this little world I've recently plunged into, so I was wondering...

Night Out!

Just some fanart. I had originally scribbled this on a napkin in a Boston Pizza in Alberta somewhere...however the napkin was used, and I copied it as best I could from memory.
Yami Yugi, Yugi, and Jonouchi go drinking.

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Anybody know where I can find some screenshots of Doom Arc? I'm doing an icon claim for ygoship100, and there were some nice Yami Yuugi/Anzu scenes in that series.

...oh, and for a cookie, guess what pairing I'm doing. XD
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Yugi-Boy! In two turns....

JIGEN BAKUDAN! The ticking time bomb Yugi-Boy!

Say it with me now, Ji-Gun-Bah-Coo-Dan!

Possibly the funnest card name ever.
Go ahead, say it a few times, use accents, you'll see where im comming from.

or its the high sugar content of what i've been eating.