January 2nd, 2006

  • xsekaix

The Fan/Fandom Creed.

I do not believe this has been posted (lately, at least) in the community. I found it through a link from another community, and thought it was interesting. So! Here it is. The Fan/Fandom Creed.

I just found it and thought it was funny. :D

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Listen to Her Heart

'Nother YGO dream

In my dream, Malik bought a green pimp hat, so he, Bakura and Anzu (who Bakura kept calling Apricot) all went out and got smashed. 0.o;;;
And the funny part is that I had this dream after reading part of the bible.
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tristeza v2.0


So i've been out of the dueling circle for a few months (hence the new community) and only just took a look at the new restrictions.

I cant belive they did it.
I cant belive they finally banned Pot of greed and graceful charity..
I cant belive they banned ring of destruction.

Three staples, one update.
F**k you upperdeck ><
(My replacements are Nobleman of crossout, Blast held by a tribute and dark hole which they made legal again btw.. in case anyone cares XD)