January 1st, 2006

Ore no Nihonkai cover

And here we thought GX was for the kiddies...

I downloaded Japanese episode 65, and wow, is that a scary episode. Here's a quick summary:

Ryo somehow gets involved with this scary promoter dude that dresses like he's in 19th century England, and apparently gets Ryo to duel in a bondage club type place. In the bondage club place, all the patrons are wearing masks over their eyes, making them look like racoons. I swear one of them was one of Jun's older brothers. They're watching Ryo duel this muscle head guy and not only do they have to duel in a CAGE, they have to wear freaking SHOCK COLLARS!!!

And at the end...Ryo won, and now he has a horrible fashion sense...Think Kaiba in all black. Even the trench coat/duster thing. *shudder* It's very scary looking. And he's now called "Hell Kaiser."

I'm scarred for like, I think. At least there was fan service for us girls in the beginning. We get to see Ryo almost naked in the shower.
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"Marik's Magic Moments!" XD

Finally! I finally found the magazine I got so long ago and within it, the interview with Joey's voice actor! Also, it has the top ten Malik moments, post Noah arc, so I scanned that in too!

But beware, the author of the Malik Moments article says some mean things about him... they're always like that to the 'bad' guys in YGO...

So here you go!

Malik's Magic Moments, page 1, 2, 3, 4

Interview, page 1, 2, 3, 4

Hope you enjoy them even though I ripped the last page of the interview a bit on the side...

scar domo!!
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tristeza v2.0

Hey :)

Hey. This is a call out to all Duelists from the UK :D
I recently set up a new community for the Yu-Gi-Oh gamers of the united kingdom so that we may come together and discuss in our typical british manner all that is the TCG, aspects of play and occasionally hook up for little tournys called "Duel Meets."

I have noticed that it is becomming increasingly hard for us to get a good duel here in the UK, so this is a call out to all brits who are sick of just WAITING for the next game.


Feel free to remove this if you find it innappropriate :)

We need parody help NOW!

Okay. Who here has read the book "Shane" by Jack Schaefer?

My sister and I are doing a whole-out pairing of this book with the YGO! cast, and we need suggestions as to who might play who.

So...who's read it??
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