December 31st, 2003


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hallo i am new and i think the idea for this commune is smashing. i think this is so funny and i dont know why.......

'Sure, we'll be discussing the rampant yaoi implications of everything from Yugi's shirt to Otogi's left shoelace, but no porn or graphic stuff.'

it makes me think of Duke's shoelace being in a relationship with someone else's shoelace from the left shoe (so that way they might be the same gender..... i think) and i find it quite amusing. i think i might even create a brief comic (sp?) about it if i wasnt so damn lazy.

anyway that enough of me being odd, ....... so, ta!
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1. You must have something related to Yu-Gi-Oh in your post. "I like chicken" does not count, I'm afraid.


Ok, sorry, had to.

Seto's coat is fake... it has wires in it and is made of plastic.
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