skrymiir (skrymiir) wrote in playthedamncard,

New video game!

The first new YGO video game in two years, Zexal Duel Carnival, will be released in Japan on Dec. 5!  For the 3DS, which is region-locked.  I'm preordering the game anyway, because I want to encourage Konami to keep making these, especially because I think this one has voice acting in it.  (Digression:  I'm still enjoying Tag Force 6 on my non-region-locked PSP.  If you want to feel happy, set up a tag duel with your character, Luciano, Jaeger, and DS Kiryuu, and just listen to the laughter.  Voice acting adds so much!)

I don't have a 3DS, though, and there's no point to getting one as long as it remains region-locked.  If Nintendo unlocks it themselves, that's best, but if not, I'll wait until someone else does it for them.
Tags: info/news, video game, ygo!zx

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