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The YMI (Yugioh Manga-to-Anime Index)

The YGO Manga-to Anime Index (YMI) project is a publicly-accessible spreadsheet on GoogleDrive intended as a reference for all YGO fans to help locate specific content in the manga volumes and anime episodes.

While there are many terrific sites that give detailed comparisons of the differences between manga and anime, YMI is an attempt to map where they match up (sometimes in a sorta-kinda "you have to squint" way).

Tiny URL:

  • Manga chapter summaries are from the YGO wikia, or written by contributors

  • Anime episode titles are from the website

Anyone can add a comment to any cell, and it will be added to the spreadsheet within 24 hours.
Feel free to publicize this information: the work is wasted if no one makes use of it!

P.S. The only areas still missing information (though neither of these impacts the function of the spreadsheet too much):

  • information on the contents of bunkobon volumes 11-21

  • Japanese titles for chapter 279 to 343

P. P.S. Yes, it could have called the YGO Anime-from-Manga Index, but that would have been too obvious.


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