bananafrog (fran21) wrote in playthedamncard,

Looking YYH/YGO fic

Haha, omg, this is such a long shot but I'm looking for a particular crossover fic between YGO and YYH. For the life of me, I can't remember the title and I can barely remember the plot. Just that it largely featured HieixYami Yugi and I think at one point, there was a BakuraxKurama scene? Hhm, I really cannot remember much from it, though at one point, I think Yukina had a crush on Yami, but Yami eventually turned her down?

Lol I'm so sorry for the trouble. I just suddenly remembered reading this fic and I tried looking for it in my archives but no luck, and now it's driving me crazy :p Thanks in advance!
Tags: fanfiction, questions

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