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a college thesis, on YUGIOH???!!

Hello YGO fans!

Sorry if this is a double post... had a hard time figuring out the system...

I recently graduated from college, and completed my honors thesis: "Yu-Gi-Oh!: A Sanitized Childhood? A FanEssay on Fans, Censorship, Children, and Card Games."  The thesis is about censorship in YGO (damn you, 4Kids!), particularly around sex and violence, and differing standards of childhood in Japan and in the US.  More, it's also about fans (yes, US PEOPLE!) and how we use the good stuff--fanfic, YGOTAS, vids, fanart, yaoi--to create new understandings of childhood.

Please check it out! I promise it's not boring.  I filled it with lots of snark, interesting pics, quotes from YGO abridged, and Youtube vids so that it would be useful/interesting to both crazed YGO fans and academia, and so it would connect directly into the fandom.  Plus comments on aspects of fandom--fanservice, otakuness, shipping culture,  yaoi. If you ever get the inspiration to do your essays/hw/research on YGO, feel free to quote from my work!  

It would give me great pleasure if you could check it out and put comments on the website's comments page! (Instead of this LJ post), regardless if you agree/disagree. Please tell me what you think, what I can improve, what I got right and wrong, etc!  I would love it to be a continuing project!
Tags: 4kids, abridged, anime, card game, crack, fandom crack, fanfiction, fanvids, ygo, yu-gi-oh

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