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Yugioh and Osamu Tezuka

Hi old time lurker here. I don't know if anyone has posted this before but if they have feel free to delete this post. Also this post is image heavy so sorry for people with slow servers!

I was looking through some old mangas I noticed a similarity between one written by Osamu Tezuka (for those who don't know he's that guy who created Astroboy) and the early season zero yugioh.

The manga is called "Mitsume ga Tooru" or "the three eyed one" in English.This manga was created in the 1970's and was later in the 1990's made into an anime. Apparently even though this show was never exported overseas it and it's main character are meant to be quite popular in Japan.
Nothing especially shonen manga is 100% original so am thinking this show is part of the inspiration for the characters in yugioh.

It stars a character called Hosuke Sharaku. A secondary school student who looks and acts like a little kid. He's a happy but timid boy bullied by a group of his peers at school.

But this kid has a secret. He has a split personality. If you take off the bandage on his forehead it reveals his third eye and his other personality. A much more harsh and sinister character with supernatural powers and intelligence. This Hosuke is only in control when the bandage is off. Otherwise he reverts to his shy self, who doesn't remember anything that his other personality does.


The character designs and personality between Yuugi Mutuo and Hosuke are very similar. In fact Yuugi looks like Hosuke updated to a more modern anime style e.g. pointy triangle nose and mad hair.

The comparison stretch even down to their split personas and the third eye. A recurring feature when Yami, the other yuugi appears.

The uniform even changes down to a darker shade of blue when the darker personality is in control! A lot of the early part of the three eyed one manga is about the other Hosuke getting revenge on the people who bullied him as his normal self. But there are further comparisons. Later in the manga it turns out that Hosuke is the descendant of an ancient super advanced civilization, who built the pyramids as well as the other wonders of the world. A key feature of "the three eyed one" is the other Hosuke's quest to found out who he is, and where he belongs. Sound familiar? It's a bit like the other yuugi's connection to duel monsters and ancient Egypt.

There is also the obligatory female love interest. Anzu Mazaki in yugioh! and a character called Wato Chiyoko in "The three eyed one".

Wato a toyboy, she is in a love triangle between the normal timid Hosuke and his more confident other self. There also the father figure, Sugoroku in Yugioh and Kenmochi in the three eyed one. Both know of their wards split personality and both are archaeologists.

Plus the other Yuugi and Hosuke share a evil smile and have a habit of wearing their jacket as a cape.

So what do you think? Is anyone else seeing something in these comparisons?

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