slifertheskydragon (sliferskydragon) wrote in playthedamncard,

Seeing things IRL that your mind turn into yugioh

It's bad enough when a store name, some food or SOMETHING reminds you of something from yugioh

i.e. "Pearson's TV and Appliances" (5d's watchers may get this)
or anything with "Arcadia" in it

or people named Marik/Malik (speaking of, IT'S HIS BIRTHDAY TODAY, 12/23 SO YEAH... DO THINGS)

or any food product with "King" in it...
or seeing "satellite" on a flight board at an airport...

but then my mind starts doing this...

i'm pretty sure this is how a lot of crack pairings are born.

The weirdest part is, I have never had a dream with Yugioh characters in it. :/

Tags: crack

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