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Duel Fantasy GX (Fanmade game)

So browsing around Nicovideo, I found that someone is doing a fanmade game based of Final Fantasy using GX characters!!

Here is the Playlist of the \"Gameplays\" *note: You need a Nico Account to watch them* >A<

This wasnt posted here before...right...?

PPFff~ I think this is crack...

Its kinda entertaining to watch these videos...If you know how to read Japanese...

If you are a BIG fan of Hetalia and know what RomaHeta is...then Duel Fantasy GX is about the same thing XD (They are both made with the same program...you can tell because they both have the same monsters) The character design looks nothing the the original...But hey, thats fanart for you. You may have seen some of the art of Pixiv already, but not have known

Here is the creator's Blog *note: Its in Japanese* :B 
So what do you guys think of the person's craftsmanship?

Lastly...Uhmm...I was wondering should we follow this...even if its fanmade. From what I am seeing, its still ongoing (as of 12/2010)...

So yeah,End of my post. >A<
Tags: crack, fanvids, media/downloads, questions, ygo!gx

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