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YGO Sims, pt. 2 - Ishtar Madness

 As promised, here are my versions of the Ishtars. I took quite a few more liberties with their outfits, but... eh. I imagine this is what they'd look like in about 10 years or so. 

Rishid Ishtar
That One Guy
Family Aspiration
One True Hobby: Nature

No personality stats this time, cause numbers = boring. Not sure why Rishid is in a suit, except that he looks damn good in it. He also has really striking golden eyes that didn't really translate to the picture (which i just realised aren't canon but WHATEV)

Isis Ishtar
Very Mysterious
Family Aspiration
One True Hobby: The Arts

Did you know Isis is goth? Me neither! But yeah, if I knew how to recolor, I would have made this whole outfit tan and it would have been straight-up Isis's museum outfit. She's still gorgeous and graceful though.

Malik Ishtar
Villain, Mental Case, Very Good Uncle
Popularity/Fortune Aspiration
One True Hobby: Games

The girl that he's swinging around is his niece, Akana. They share a love of violet.

Akana Ishtar
Adorable Walking Plot Device
Grow Up Aspiration
One True Hobby: Film & Literature

She's an original character from a fanfic that I will finish some day, and her parents are Rishid and Isis. Yeah... it's pretty creepy. And I love it. I'm a hardcore xenoshipper.


Malik does, though.

He made all those sandwiches and now he's going to eat alone because his siblings are too busy being abominations to have lunch with their brother :(

That's all for now. I probably won't make any more, unless someone has a request for a particular character they want to see, in which case I'll probably make it. BYE.
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