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Suddenly, children's card games! [Crack fanfiction]

A friend of mine found this one dude on, and I thought I'd share

He's got some pretty cool fics, like this YuGiOh one! :D (under the cut)

The Card

Yugioh looked at his cards.

"My cards contain a monsters!" yell Yugioh, shuffle his cards, "But no monster as strong as the legendary card!"

Suddenly, the legendary card fell down from the sky.

"Is a blessing!" scream Yugioh, "For a card for me to possess!"

Yugioh looked card. There was a dragon in the card.

It was the strongest Yugi Monster around.

"GO DRAGON!" yell Yugioh, and Dragon to out the card.

"I am Dragon." say Dragon, "Your tamer rank is no high enough for you to control me!"

Yugioh looked in shock as the dragon jump up and crushed Yugioh.

Then Dragon flew off to the city.

"Now I am unleash!" say the Dragon, "I can enjoy a destroy!"

And since this is a YGO community, I'll just post links to a few of the other stories c: ABOUT SERIES SUCH AS

Death Note!
Happy Feet!
House MD!
And more!

Sadly, there's only that one YuGiOh story. :C

Maybe we should ask him to make some more, guys! :Dc
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