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Newbie post

Heyyo, sorta-newbie here. :P

I go by KillYa, Jake, JD, Jacare, and five billion other names. I'm not new to Yugioh/Yuugiou, but I got back into it and I'm new to this community. :3

YGO-related facts about me:
- I'd say the character I'm most like is Yugi, because we're both short (I think I read somewhere that he's five feet tall? That's how tall I am, /sobbb), we like games and puzzles, and we'd both definitely make out with our taller, sexier, look-alike alter egos. /me pretending to have an ego and playfully bashing YGO
- My favorite characters are Ryou Bakura (because long-haired guys is my sick fetish and he's adorable~<3), Yami Bakura (Long-haired guys are hot and who doesn't love assholes? Hahah), and Yugi (because we're so similar).
- Since I'm an anime fan, I'm required to be a sick monster, so I, uh, like a few shippings. 9u6 Puzzleshipping (YugixYami/Atem) is my fav, and I like Tendershipping (RyouxYamiBakura), Puppyshipping (KaibaxJou) and Wishshipping (JouxYugi).
- I'm one of those people who likes to read fanfiction... but only when the characters are as IC as possible. c: And if there's pairings, it has to make sense or I won't like it, hahah. So no Pixelshipping or anything like that for me, heh.
- Before I stopped watching anime (including the best anime ever), the last part I watched was around the end of Battle City, and I've only read the first 4-5 volumes of the manga. I've watched the whole season 0 too.
- I'm currently rewatching YGO with English subs so I can see what 4kids cut out. :3 Yay! Still in season 1 though.
- I'm not too fond of GX (Not enough pseudo-twincest and Egypt, hah), and I've never watched 5D's. I like to poke fun at them sometimes. BRB, DUELING ON A MOTORCYCLE BECAUSE DANGEROUS THINGS ARE BADASS.

Other facts about me:
- I live in southeast Michigan, near Detroit.
- I'm a punk loser who's almost 18 years old and still likes children's card games, durr.
- I dunno what else to put, ask me?

So who else loves Yuugiou here? Hahah. I mean, it is the only series where someone could have a threesome with themselves. :P

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