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I am a girl with nothing interesting to say.

Well, no, not really. 

I've gotten into Yu-Gi-Oh recently. Well, not really recently. Last August. I was only into the first seven manga/original series at first, because I thought no card games could compare to them, but then I read the manga for DM and HOSHIT. IT WAS GOOD YOU GUYS. And I guess I never turned back. I caught YGO in a tumbling embrace and rolled downhill. It ended up being a gateway series for me. Before I never really liked anime, but now I proudly declare myself an "anime fan".

It's the characters, I guess. They're just so likable. I really think DM is better than people give it credit for. A lot of people claim that it's fun because it's cheesy and over-the-top, and it does get a little melodramatic sometimes, but it has the characters to back that up. You know?

And anyways, after falling head-over-heels in love with this universe, I came upon the little stumbling block of nobody else liking it.

And then I found Livejournal. And I realised there were people out there who were interested in the same things that I was! Inorite? It was like enlightenment. And of course, the fact that there was a YGO community just put the cherry on the cake.

If you care about me actually contributing to the fandom, I cannot draw and am lukewarm at writing. (Trying to improve though!) I am pretty good at putting together AMVs, however, so look forward to those.

Uh, that about wraps it up. In conclusion: hi there! Let's be friends!
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