Nope. (ghift) wrote in playthedamncard,

Okay so apparently I only put the second batch in my journal, so you can find my forever WIP Yami Bakura here.

Let's start with some !?

I discovered the beauty that is Google 3D Gallery thanks to Nico Nico Douga which means I have more than just a stage, such as:

A forbidden memories i think duel table

Or something from Egypt without her legs glued to the floor lolwhoops.

Also portal guns and cubes:

Then I started playing with more poses based on a somewhat inside thing involving Aooni:

Also where shojoyuuseidesu came from, I present to you genki kawaii shoujo Yuusei.

And Rack Atlus with slowly shrinking tits made of steel. I NEED TO EDIT IT HARDCORE and neither of these Jacks are the final model.


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