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Seeking Yu-Gi-Oh! Players!

We just opened last week and... it just doesn't feel right to not have any card duelers here yet. So I'm here in hopes to fix this. If you like slow-paced, a weird-as-hell concept, and alternate universe? Then feel free to take a look at us!

More info about what we are about is under the cut!

BLITZED: let us have peace, let us have the blitzkrieg

blitzed is an alternate universe multifandom roleplay, where anime/manga/video game characters live in the same world as humans, and are subjected to a horrible program of discrimination and segregation.

Sounds wild, you say? Here's why it is happening:

Forty-five years ago, a new and deadly virus called T9 was born by the United States solely for the preparation of a pre-planned, world-wide biological war. Due to a failed espionage mission by a rival nation, this same virus was released into the public, literally annihilating more than half of the human race. Easily wiping city after city, the virus spread like wildfire, killing millions of innocent people. The government hastily tried to create antidotes for this virus while attempting to prevent the rapid spread of the T9. But by the time the cure was made, 400 million people were already dead. Within a year, the human race was dangerously close to complete extinction.

Once the T9 virus was controlled, its after effects were another tragedy that plagued the survivors. When the virus didn't kill, it birthed another race of life. The T9 horribly mutated human beings into monsters who look "cartoonish" in appearance, or it gave them a super power. Despite people coming together to battle the wrath of the virus, paranoia and fear of these new beings over-took the un-tainted human survivors. Civil war after war was fought between the humans and monsters, until the monster race was out-numbered and defeated.

The governments approved many laws removing the rights of these creatures, and to dominate their reign over these opposers. Even though the monsters lived throughout the decades in compliance amongst the human world, they continue to plan and plot the overtaking of the world. Both to gain power and to end their horrible suppression.

... Sounds really wild?

Imagine your character using its powers to fight the humans, or to assist them. Or your human character the head of an organization that exists to oppress the monsters. "Blitzed" is all about what you individually contribute into this world, and how you make yourself survive within it.
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